10 Tips to Help You be a More Proficient Telecommuter – Part 1

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You dreamed of finding that cool work-from-home gig. Now, you’ve landed the telecommuting job of your dreams. But, can you handle it? Are you cut out for the hard work it takes to be a proficient telecommuter?

For some people, working from home is all about working in PJs, writing on the couch and getting your work done with the TV on in the background. For others, the excitement of telecommuting comes from networking at Internet cafes and local Starbucks locations. No matter what floats your telecommuting boat, it’s a matter of what makes you a more proficient telecommuter.

10 Tips to Take You from a Work-at-Home Freelancer to a Proficient Telecommuter

10 Tips to Help You be a More Proficient Telecommuter

10 Tips to Help You be a More Proficient Telecommuter
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Interested in being a more productive telecommuting employee? Or, are you a freelancer trying to squeeze more work into your productive day? Well, here are 10 tricks to help you become more productive, making you a more proficient telecommuter:

1. There’s an App for That!

Yes, there are Windows 8 and mobile apps designed specifically for telecommuting employees and freelancers. There are free apps that help you find nearby locations with free Wi-Fi. That way, you can work at a different location each and every day, if you like. No longer does telecommuting mean you have to work at home. Now, you can work at the park, beach, even a campsite.

2. Make Yourself Take Breaks

This is a tough area for work-a-holic telecommuters. Ever wondered why the Federal government demands that you take breaks at 9-to-5 jobs? That’s because breaks are vitally important. Whether you get in a good workout, a nice, hot bubble bath or finish a couple chapters of that book you’re into, you must take a break. It clears you mind, allowing you to be a more proficient telecommuter.

3. Get the Bulk Complete before Lunch

According to Entrepreneur, studies show that:

“…that the most successful, productive people dive right in when they wake up.”

In other words, whether or not you “dress for success” is not that important. Just make an effort to get the bulk of your work done long before lunchtime. Then, you’ll be on a roll for the day.

4. Work Comfortably

The more comfortable you are, the more proficient you’ll be at any job or task. That means that it’s okay for you to work from home in gym clothes or boxer shorts. But, if you’re a person who’s more productive in an office setting, then set one up in your home. And, don’t forget to claim you home office tax credit on your next income tax return.

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