19-Year Old College Student LeiLei Secor Becomes Businesswoman Using Etsy Store

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At 19-years old, LeiLei Secor is paying out-of-state tuition, which is costing her big, even with a scholarship. The update New York resident actually attends the University of Virginia, which brings her out-of-pocket tuition costs to about $40,000 annually. Her goal is to eventually apply to attend the business program at the Virginia University.

LeiLei Secor Goes from Struggling Student to Fortunate Businesswoman

But, it’s what LeiLei Secor did as a young businesswoman that has her in the news last month. As reported by Carly Okyle of Entrepreneur, this commuting teen used an Etsy store to make the money she needs for school:

“In three years, this teenager has used her artistry, marketing abilities and time-management skills to rake in $100,000 on Etsy selling handmade jewelry on her shop DesignedByLei. Think: dainty layered necklaces, statement pendants, knuckle rings and her latest obsession: wire jewelry.”

Webpages from LeiLei Secor's Etsy Store

Webpages from LeiLei Secor’s Etsy Store
Image Source: Entrepreneur

LeiLei Secor’s Etsy store has two advantages for the no-longer-struggling college student:

  1. It allows her to escape from mundane schoolwork in a creative fashion
  2. It gives her the ability to pay for her own out-of-pocket college expenses

LeiLei Secor Gives Tips on Building Your Business Brand

This creative business venture also led to two other big achievements in the life of LeiLei Secor:

  1. In 2014, LeiLei was presented with the National Federation of Independent Businesses’ Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  2. Recently, Secor was able to build her own brand even further by launching her own site, Designed by Lei, instead of just featuring her jewelry creations on Etsy’s platform
Etsy Store Owner LeiLei Secor was named "2014 Young Entrepreneur of the Year" for her success as a businesswoman.

Etsy Store Owner LeiLei Secor was named “2014 Young Entrepreneur of the Year” for her success as a businesswoman.
Image Source: NFIB

Interested in raking in a little extra cash for yourself? Well, Secor offers some really sound advice on how to create your own “fortune” using Etsy and sales platforms like it. Check out “This Teen Paid for College by Selling on Etsy. Here Are 5 Ways She Did It.” for details.

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