2 Studies That Prove Effective Corporate Image Protection Works

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There are numerous studies out there on corporate image. And, they all come to the same conclusion: Businesses that create good images and have effective corporate image protection plans in place have much higher success levels. Let’s take a look at two studies that prove this theory to be true.

2 Corporate Image Protection Plans That Worked

Check out these two studies that show how effective really good corporate image protection plans can be for building a re-branding brands, according to Ira Kalb of Huffington Post:

1. Opinion Research Studies

Studies conducted by Opinion Research show that 87% of consumers choose products or services from a company with the better corporate image reputation when choosing between similar products and services. Another of its studies shows that businesses that develop solid reputations through good customer service, make 25% to 85% more profits.

2. Marriott Study

Corporate Image Protection Plans help you rebuild your brand after negative things have happened.

Corporate Image Protection Plans help you rebuild your brand after negative things have happened.
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Susan Cook and Roger Dow describe the research conducted on Marriott in their book entitled Turned On. The study was done to identify which of the hotel chain’s guests planned to stay there again in the future.

The guests were divided up into three groups, which shows how various corporate image protection plans:

  • Group A – No negative incidents happened during their stays
  • Group B – Something negative happened, but was corrected by Marriott
  • Group C – Something negative happened, but the problem was not corrected by Marriott

These were the results… the percentage of guests within each group that actually planned to stay at the Marriott again someday:

  • Group A – 89%
  • Group B – 94%
  • Group C – 69%

As you can see, the group with the highest percentage of people planning to return was Group B. For this group, something negative happened, but was transformed into positive by the Marriott. Now, that’s the perfect example of effective corporate image protection.

Developing Your Corporate Image Protection Plan

Is your brand suffering from negative feedback or negative online reviews? An effective corporate image protection plan can counteract that negativity quickly. The EntreMarketing Group helps brands establish plans to protect corporate images. Contact Us about building your brand image plan today.

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