2015 Challenge: Improve Your Business with Better Goals and Diversification – Part 1

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2014 is coming to an end soon, and it is time for women in business to create a new goal. Perhaps you could even call it a challenge.  This 2015 challenge focuses on making you a better businesswoman. Can you improve your business and find a healthy balance between your business life and personal life in 2015? We’ll help you discover just how to do that.

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4 Steps to Creating a Better You: Success For Women Entrepreneurs

Improving all aspects of your life requires explorations in diversification and self-growth in your business and workplace. So easily, women in business focus on the one thing they are passionate about, and shy away from a challenge. Without challenges, there can be no growth. Using diversification and personal development, you can grow within your business and possibly increase your productivity.

Here are four steps to help you meet this challenge and improve your business, as well as improve your life as a whole.

Step 1: Improve Your Business by Setting a Clear Goal and Going for It

Being successful in business is all about taking chances. The woman entrepreneur is no different. However, taking chances without a plan is just foolish. Take some time to set a clear goal, one that is challenging, but not impossible. Create checkpoints, micro-targets really, that help you stay on track and keep motivated while you travel toward that goal. As you complete these checkpoints, scratch them off your list and keep going to ensure that you improve your business for 2015.

When setting your checkpoints, make them challenges as well. While they are designed to keep you on track, there is no reason you shouldn’t celebrate the day-to-day victories of things that will improve your business, such as:

  • Sending out a new proposal
  • Coming up with new marketing ideas
  • Sticking to your schedule

Attack these micro-targets with little fear and you’d be amazed how easily you surmount the big goals. As the 2015 year progresses, you will notice that you are checking off old goals and adding new ones to the list, because your goals are being met. All of this will help you improve your business in 2015.

Step 2:  Improve Your Business by Finding a New Way to Use Your Skills

The easiest way to become stagnant is to do the same thing every day. Prevent this from happening by diversifying what you do based on what you know.  If you are a woman in business, chances are, you have quite a few skills. Use those skills to develop new areas of your company to improve your business.

For those businesswomen who work in services, try offering new services that could bring in new business. When you diversify your skills, you make yourself available for new opportunities, and as a result, new income streams as you keep working to improve your business.

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