2015 Challenge: Improve Your Business with Better Goals and Diversification – Part 2

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This is the second part of a 2-part post. We are challenging you to improve your business in 2015. Here are the last two steps to help you do just that. Missed part 1 of this 2015 business challenge? Click the link below.

Read Part 1 of This 2015 Business Challenge

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Step 3: Improve Your Business by Focusing on Personal Growth and Achievement

Gain a fresh insight into running your business by challenging yourself to have personal growth. This business challenge will improve personal growth, which leads to new skills and achievements. These new skills are directly related to new streams of revenue within your business. Personal growth can mean a lot of different things when you are talking about business, but typically, learning is a large aspect of it. In other words, women in business can achieve personal growth by focusing their time on learning a new skill as a 2015 business challenge.

Start your 2015 business challenge off by looking at classes that help develop your business. Consider how these classes could fit your personal goals. Maybe your business or working environment could benefit from some team building exercises. Simple steps like these will help build the confidence, productivity and overall mind-set of the entire company.

Step 4: Improve Your Business by Working Towards a Healthy Work/Life Balance

You are probably well aware of how being a business woman can be a challenge to your home life. Well, 2015 is the time to do something about it and create your own business challenge to success.  It begins by realizing that business success does not have to happen at the expense of your home life. Yes, it’s not easy, but neither is business, and you pulled that off! Instead of accepting it as a trade-off, approach it as a challenge. Make a healthy work/life balance a goal, not a fantasy.

When you focus on the first three steps of this business challenge, it should be easier to do the last step because your workday should have become a lot more productive. Also, try compartmentalizing the work and home aspects of your life. Keep them separate in your mind and respect those boundaries. Over time, it will become easier to recognize where work ends and home life begins (and vice-versa).

Are you ready to take this 2015 business challenge?

Which step will be the biggest business challenge for you?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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