3 Side Businesses Busy Working Women Can Start in Their Spare Time

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Are you a busy woman working full time but still aspiring to start your own side business? Well, it is very possible to have both. It is not advisable these days to rely only on your job because we all know that the economy is unpredictable. And, so are our bosses. It is definitely wise to have something you can fall back on if the worst does happen. Plus, the benefits of starting side businesses can take you all the way into retirement if you do it right.

3 Side Businesses to Turn a Working Woman into a Successful Entrepreneur

The are some great benefits of starting a side business. So, here are a three side businesses that you can start without major commitment to gain fruitful outcomes:

1. Consulting Services Company

Busy women can find the time to start lucrative side businesses.

Source: Private School Review

Believe it or not, there are many people out there looking for advice about a variety of things. From relationships to overall lifestyle, from small business management to website maintenance services, if you have skills, someone is willing to pay for your help. If you are good at giving advice, why not get paid for it?

Too busy working on your full-time job 40 hours per week? Simple take on a couple of clients who also work full-time jobs. That way, their more understanding of your after-hours work schedule. And, you don’t necessarily have to be the one doing the actual consulting once you build up a client list. You can outsource to a freelancer and just be the brains behind these types of side businesses.

2. Teach Online Courses

Class being Taught to Women via Video Conference

Class being Taught to Women via Video Conference. Image Source: Wikipedia

Have skills you believe others would like to learn? Then, make them pay to learn what you know. There are many ways this can be done:

  • You can charge a fee to teach people using webinars and video conferences courses.
  • You can utilize the internet by creating virtual courses which people pay a fee to access.
  • You can also use social marketplaces, such as Skillshare, to set up online classes.

If you can communicate well and are knowledgeable on certain topics, use that as your side business. You can also get your own website and market your side businesses how you see fit.

3. Write an eBook

Writing an eBook starts with a simple idea.

Writing an eBook starts with a simple idea. Image Source: My Writing Blog

You would be surprised as to how many people are looking for affordable eBooks on different topics. What might surprise you even more is that there are some people who have taken advantage of eBook publishing opportunities and are now making six-figure profits.

The eBook industry has become so big, it literally put brick-and-mortar bookstores out of business all across the country. It’s not always about creating that #1 best-seller. Instead, concentrate on creating numerous eBooks related to topics you have a passion for deep down inside.

This will help you create a nice, passive income to help sustain you for the long-term. And, this is one of those side-businesses you can work on in your spare time.

Market Your Side Businesses

The secret to succeeding in side businesses is online marketing. There is little overhead needed to start a website and blog to attract visitors to your products and/or services.

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Guest Post Author Bio: This article was written by Sharon Thoithi.  Sharon is also a reporter for Fame Horse Wire, where she brings her own personal style of news reporting to the table. Ms. Thoithi is proud to be both a Goddess and Woman of Color. She also writes poetry and stories for her own blog, where “Expression of Self” is the motto and model.

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