3 Steps to Protecting Your Corporate Image Effectively

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Your brand’s image is very important to its future success… or failure. One way to protecting your corporate image is to take charge of it before your competition creates one for you. Then, once you’ve created a brand image you can be proud of, you need to protect it from others who mean your image no good. Let’s explore this a bit.

3 Strategies to Protecting Your Corporate Image the Right Way

Learn the 3 most important steps to protecting your corporate image the right way.

Learn the 3 most important steps to protecting your corporate image the right way.
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Protecting your corporate image is key to staying in control of how your target market thinks about and feels about your brand. As in all situations, the more success your brand experiences, the more you’ll notice jealousy from your competitors, irate customers and others with agendas targeted at bringing down your brand. Use these three strategies to help you protect the image of your corporation effectively:

  1. Rumor Protection Strategy – Experiencing corporate image damage related to false statements and untruths? These three steps will help:
    • Don’t help by publicizing the false statements or rumors
    • Promote the direct opposite of whatever the rumor is saying, being careful to never actually mention the rumor itself
    • Provide your target audience with verifiable, undeniable proof in order to support what you’re promoting
  2. Fact Protection Strategy – In the case of negative information out in the world related to something you actually did wrong, use these three strategies to help with protecting your corporate image:
    • Admit to your mistakes and genuinely apologize
    • Put the mistake in perspective to limit the scope of what your target audience hears… sees… believes… remembers
    • Come up with an effective solution to ensure that the mistake will very unlikely occur again
  3. Transform Negatives into Positives – Because no person (or brand) is perfect, negative transactions and misunderstandings will occur between you, your brand and your target market. Just remain calm, and do what it takes in order transform the negatives into positives while protecting your corporate image. This will effectively help your brand image in two ways:
    • Neutralizes the negative situation before it becomes powerful enough to damage your corporate image
    • Helps you develop a closer, more intimate relationship with the consumers who actually feel they’ve been “wronged” by your organization

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