3 Types of Content Every B2B Company Should be Publishing Online

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Marketing a B2B Company can be a bit trickier than marketing B2C’s, especially when the owners are women in business. We tend to scrutinize those we choose to work with… employees, vendors, etc… much deeper than our male counterparts. So, it’s vital that the B2B marketing you choose to do reaches that group of professional businesswomen you call your target market. Here’s how to ensure that the content you publish on your B2B company blog is valuable to your target market.

3 Types of Content Your B2B Followers Are Looking For Online

1. White Papers for B2B Companies

You’re not trying to sell sugarless gum to your buyers. Chances are good that the product or service you’re selling has flavor:

  • Layers
  • Details
  • Complexity
  • A lot of different types of content.

There’s probably a lot of information you want to convey, and that means there’s a good chance buyers will be confused.

White papers let you simplify all the details of your industry into easily understood bits. They can help your buyer express any concerns about issues they don’t quite understand by giving them access to useful facts, and the more facts you can provide, the better. eBooks are the hot new format for informational documents, but in B2B, you still need white papers to help you sell.

2. Infographics for B2B Companies

3 Types of Content to bring traffic to your B2B website and blog.

3 Types of Content to bring traffic to your B2B website and blog.
Image Source: Vertical Measures

Infographics are like the wildly animated and expressive cousin of the white paper. That’s where you can take all of the facts and data you’re breaking down for your buyer and doll it up into colorful and easily digested pieces. It works for all types of content.

In B2B, any experienced salesperson will tell you that you want to start your business conversations with an insight. Infographics are the best way to format your insights. Granted, infographics are widely used by everyone, but for good reason: the proper mix of raw data and the right amount of color will get attention in the marketplace.

3. Case Studies for B2B Companies

This is where you can really change up the types of content you’re working with. Case studies can come in a lot of different vehicles:

  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Blogs
  • Flash animations

As long as it demonstrates a customer clearly and convincingly advocating on behalf of your product or service. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep it all seamless.

Customer testimonials and your great ideas should work together to create a train of thought that buyers can follow quickly and easily. Be careful to design your case studies with the rest of your content in mind.

Author Bio: This content was written by Jenn Marie, a Freelance America writer with Content Marketing Geek. Jenn Marie’s content niches include health, technology, business and related topics. In her spare time, Jenn Marie enjoys spending time with her family, and listening to good music.

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