5 Big Corporations That Needed Brand Image Damage Control

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Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner managing your own brand image? Well, the worst nightmare you may ever suffer, business-wise, is a damaged brand image. And, with all that goes into running your business each day, who wants that threat looming in the air? So, what can you do to protect the image of your brand? If something does happen to it negatively, brand image damage control is the key.

5 Big Corporations That Suffered Brand Image Damage Control Issues

Need to put your company's image back on the right track? Try brand image damage control.

Need to put your company’s image back on the right track? Try brand image damage control.
Image Source: Segi SJ Blog

Brand image damage control just may be the key to turn a negative corporate image around. It takes time, but it works. Here are five big corporations that suffered brand image damage for various reasons, according to Huffington Post:

  1. Subway – Jared Fogle left the Subway brand’s image suffering because of child pornography and teen sex charges
  2. NFL – DeflateGate AKA Ballghazi put the NFL brand’s image in jeopardy thanks to the New England Patriots allegedly tampering with footballs
  3. Justin Beiber – Drinking, partying, underage drinkers, lashing out a paparazzi, marijuana, stun gun, Selena Gomez issues, urinating in a mop bucket, spitting at fans over a balcony, disrespecting former President Bill Clinton, etc… All bad for the Justin Beiber brand image.
  4. Congress – The GOP Shutdown… need we say more?
  5. Uber – Some of the situations that have brought damage (although quite minor) to Uber’s image include: Taxi cab driver protests, customer injuries and customer privacy issues. But, the company’s brand is so loved by consumers that use its services that it’s been pretty easy to implement brand image damage control programs to correct problems.

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