5 Mobile Apps Women Entrepreneurs Should Love, But Rarely Use

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When it comes to savvy women entrepreneurs, mobile apps like LinkedIn and Mailbox are a given when on-the-go. Yet, there are thousands of other apps in the mobile world that could make your days more productive. They may even bring a smile to your face.

Using the Fiverr mobile app, you can get all sorts of online services done for just $5.

Using the Fiverr mobile app, you can get all sorts of online services done for just $5.
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Women Entrepreneurs Should be Using These 5 Mobile Apps

Here are five mobile apps you’d come to love, if you just give them a chance:

  1. Fiverr – Everyday, new “gigs” are added to Fiverr. Gigs are online services people will perform for just $5. From graphic designs to articles, from databases to audio files… You can get a lot accomplished, on-demand, with $5 on the Fiverr mobile.
  2. Flipboard – Looking for a ways to keep up with your various social media accounts and favorite digital magazines, websites and blogs? Well, the Flipboard mobile app is the way to go. Once you customize it to show you only what you like to read most, you’re ready to start your days off right.
  3. Any.do – This mobile app gives you a simple list of the various task you have to complete each day. Any.do is so easy-to-use, it makes checking your tasks each morning a breeze.
  4. Full – With the Full mobile app, you’re able to prioritize your tasks of the day. You can also use it to schedule time for other things that matter to you, be they personal or business.
  5. Lift – Women entrepreneurs are generally into self-improvement. Well, Lift is an amazing little mobile app that acts as a “collection of micro-communities.” Each community group has a goal of some sort. So, let’s say you join a “Sleep 6 Hours” group. Every time you accomplish that goal, you check in, and get props from others in the group. Choosing the right groups for you will help you become more efficient as a woman entrepreneur.

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