5 Online Marketing Terms Every Savvy Businesswoman Should Know

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As a savvy businesswoman, you understand that customer service is key to your company’s success. The customer experience you provide is what sets your small business above your industry competitors. But, it takes an effective marketing strategy to reel in new customers. So, here are five online marketing terms you need to know in order to improve your marketing and advertising effectiveness.

5 Need-to-Know Online Marketing Terms for Small Business Owners

Today, it takes digital marketing for most small businesses to succeed. Even if your business is a local, brick and mortar location, you still need to engage with your audience, network on social media, list your business with online directories, etc… And, when it comes to your online marketing efforts, you need to know the point of it all. These five online marketing terms will help you understand what you should be trying to accomplish with your digital marketing strategy:

1. Need-to-Know Online Marketing Terms: Online Presence

Your company’s online presence is basically its online identity, and the Web interactions established by that identity. Google your company name. If not much of value is returned in the search engine results, you need to work harder to establish the online presence you desire for your small business.

2. Need-to-Know Online Marketing Terms: Referrals

A referral is a new client or customer sent to your small business by other clients, customers, friends, family or businesses. These days, referrals can come from word-of-mouth, social media friends and followers, forwarded emails and various other digital sources.

3. Need-to-Know Online Marketing Terms: Call To Action (CTA)

A call-to-action, or CTA, tells your clients or customers what you want them to do next. For example, you may want them to “Follow Us on Facebook” after reading a blog post. Test out different versions of CTAs to find out which ones work best with your online audience.

4. Need-to-Know Online Marketing Terms: Conversion

Conversions are instances or acts of “converting”, or getting customers to take specific actions. Let’s say you end out emails asking readers to “Click Here” to go to your online catalog. All those who actually take that action, were converted into website visitors.

5. Need-to-Know Online Marketing Terms: Remarketing

Ever decided to go through your list of potential customers to give them courtesy calls about a new service you’re launching? Or, maybe you sent emails out to people on your email list about the price slash on a popular product? Well, that’s remarketing. It’s simply the act of following up with those who have interacted with you at some point. Remarketing helps you get referrals, reviews and feedback, as well as build brand loyalty.

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Ready to up your digital marketing game? Having a good idea of what you need for your small business marketing efforts will ensure the best results possible.

Use these online marketing terms to help you decide what type of marketing strategy your small business needs. Then, when you’re ready, contact The Entre Marketing Group to discuss a customized advertising package for your small business today.

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