5 Steps to Building a Startup Using Valuable Content

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Most entrepreneurs start a new business with a service or product. Then, they create a marketing plan to monetize it later. This process works as long as that plan includes valuable content. Building a startup successfully means determining who your target market is and what they need. Creating a successful branding strategy requires creating content that brings value to that target market.

How to Create Content That Helps with Building a Startup in 5 Easy Steps

Building a Startup that grows to be successful requires content that actually creates value.

Building a Startup that grows to be successful requires content that actually creates value.
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  1. Determine your specific expertise. Some marketers call this the sweet spot. It’s the place that resides between your skills/knowledge and your passion.
  2. Create content that distinguishes your brand. You can find an entrepreneur building a startup just about every day. So, you have to make yours standout. For example, Australian food scientist Ann Reardon doesn’t simply blog about food recipes. Instead, she sets her brand apart by blogging about “impossible food creations.”
  3. Figure out the type of content you’d like to create. You can start building a startup around videos, audios, cartoons, memes, blog or any other content you decide on first. Then, you have to determine the platform you’ll use for distributing/publishing the content… your blog, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, social media, etc…
  4. Build your audience. Get your target customers to “follow” you, “subscribe” to your content, etc… These are called conversions. If these leads are nurtured properly, they’ll lead to sales conversions as well.
  5. Monetize. Figure out exactly what your audience needs in order to trust you. Then, you can use that need to create content and tools that leads to successful monetization. This may be advice, eBooks, webinars networking events, free products, discount coupons, etc…

Building a startup into a successful business venture requires effective marketing efforts. The EntreMarketing Group helps small business owners create online marketing plans that work. Call 888-507-2191 or contact The EntreMarketing Group about customizing a content marketing strategy for your small business today.

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