5 Tips to Market a Non-Profit Organization and Create Brand Buzzability

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Trying to raise awareness for your non-profit business? Well, you’re going to have to generate a buzz, both offline… and online. So, how do you get people talking about your non-profit online, without spending a bunch of cash? We give you tips to market a non-profit organization without using your entire advertising budget.

5 Ways to Get Folks Talking as You Market a Non-Profit Organization

1. Engage Volunteers and Donors with Shareable Stories

Learn How to Market a Non-Profit Organization and Create Brand Buzzability

Learn How to Market a Non-Profit Organization and Create Brand Buzzability

People like talking about other people. Stories about lives changed or benefited by your non-profit are excellent for generating buzzes online. Just be sure to stay focused on the people, not your organization itself. This keeps it personal as you market a non-profit organization.

2. Recruit Volunteers Eager to Share You Content on Social Media

The more you post brilliant content on social media, the more you create an online buzz for your non-profit brand. Now, all you need to do is put together a group of people passionate about your organization and its works, to like, share and comment on your content. Be sure to include catchy calls-to-action to drive them to your site… “Subscribe to Our Emails”… “Register for Event Updates”… etc…

3. Build Your Personal Brand Online

People want to see, get to know and engage with the actual person/people behind your non-profit. To market a non-profit organization the right way means allowing volunteers and donors the chance to view your personal brand as a thought-leader and a credible resource for the cause you support. So, be careful what your personal brand likes, comments on and shares, as each one says something about you… the brand behind the non-profit brand.

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4. Build Up Street Credibility

You’ll also need to market a non-profit offline if you really want it to succeed. Train a group of people to act as your non-profit brand’s evangelists. No, we don’t mean a bunch of people who go door-to-door soliciting donations. You want people who will go out into the world and help create excitement about your cause. Also, be creative and sponsor events that will help generate a local buzz throughout the community.

5. Arm Your Board to Help Market Your Non-Profit

One of the most effective ways to market a non-profit organization it to get your board engaging with others about your cause. Arm your board members important data, success stories, organizational changes and information about products and services offered by your non-profit. Many of them will have valuable connections and ties within the community. Don’t be scared to use that to your advantage. They have the influence and power needed to generate a major buzz for your non-profit business. Yet, it’s your job to create the spark needed to ignite an effective fire.

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