8 Web Design Trends for Women in Business to Behold in 2015 [Infographic]

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Great design is important for every website. Web design has grown in the past couple of years and it keeps evolving with new and different web design trends every year. What should we expect in 2015? Check out the infographic from Hubspot for details (bottom of page).

These 8 Web Design Trends Will Rock for Women in Business in 2015

These eight web design trends will help you build your brand as a woman in business, while increasing your brand’s presence online. All you need to do is add some flavor, and you’re good to go! Check them out:

#1 Web Design Trends in 2015: Huge and Beautiful Images

2014 was the year when high quality images made their way into web design. We expect even more in 2015. Thanks to free and unique stock image sites, there’s a variety of pictures to chose from. Humans are visual creatures and that makes this one of the biggest web design trends. And, using beautiful images that capture the eyes is something women are great at, generally speaking.

#2 Web Design Trends in 2015: Semi-Flat Design

This trend started in the end of 2013, and by the early 2014 it exploded. It later evolved into flat-ish design which combined the original flat design with real world enhancements. Google’s Material design is the prime example of this web design trend.

#3 Web Design Trends in 2015: Rich Content Experiences

Big media players have recently started to use the unique and great advantages of the web to create equally unique and amazing visual experiences. They combine these visuals together with articles and content. The trend started with Snow Fall by the New York Times back in 2012. Storytelling from a woman’s perspective has become a more intimate experience since then, and especially now in 2015 when women in business are become industry leaders by the numbers.

Hubspot Web Design Trends for 2015. Inforgraphic Source: Hubspot

Hubspot Web Design Trends for 2015
Inforgraphic Source: Hubspot

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