8-Year Old Vivienne Harr Turns Lemonade Stand into Successful Movement and Lucrative Corporation

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One day, 8-year old Vivienne Harr saw two young Nepal boys around her age in a photo. The fact that they were living in “modern-day slavery” enraged her. And, that’s when her motto was branded:

“Compassion is not compassion without action.”

Young Vivienne Harr was determined to take a stand against this injustice. But, being so young, she only had business experience doing on thing: selling lemonade. So, every single day, come rain or shine, she set her lemonade stand up. Her goal was to “make a stand” (pun intended) to end child slavery.

How Did Choose to Make a Stand to Eradicate Child Slavery?

On the 52nd day, her story was reported in The New York Times. Nicholas Kristof, a columnist and Pulitzer prize-winner, retweeted a post about the article. Then, major publications from ABC News to BBC World News, from Yahoo News to Bloomberg TV, from Parenting to Oprah Magazine and various other media sources across the globe eventually covered her story. There were coverage reports from the US to Hong Kong to Brazil to Australia about her Make a Stand Movement.

The Success of Make a Stand Lemonade

Vivienne Harr turned her Make a Stand Lemonade business into a lucrative corporation and movement.

Vivienne Harr turned her Make a Stand Lemonade business into a lucrative corporation and movement to end child slavery. Image Source: Fair Trade USA

By the 173rd day, Vivienne Harr successfully reached her financial goal, reaching $100,000 in sales. The 8-year old entrepreneur became the very first child in US history to lemonade made at a lemonade stand.

Today, Make a Stand Lemonade is sold in hundreds of stores. The B-corporation now donates 5% of all net revenues to major organizations dedicated to eliminating child slavery.

Social Media Turns Vivienne Harr into a Young Entrepreneur

When Twitter went public on the New York Stock Exchange, young Vivienne Harr had the honor of ringing their IPO bell. The social media mogul considered her the ultimate symbol of how a single person can truly bring about change in the world.

Some of Vivienne’s awesome entrepreneurial accomplishments include the following:

Drive a Social Media Campaign to Help Change the World

In the words of young Vivienne Harr:

We may feel small or insignificant. But, it doesn’t matter how small you are. What matters is how big you want to change the world.”

Vivienne Harr’s entrepreneurial movement became a major success thanks to social media sharing. Your small business can also achieve success with an effective social media marketing campaign.

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