Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Turns Makeup-On-Demand into Million Dollar Business

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By now, we’ve all heard of the famous on-demand service known as Uber. Well, Alexandra Wilkis Wilson saw the moneymaking potential of using that same business model for a completely different industry. The co-founder and CEO of Glam Squad created a billion dollar business model… makeup-on-demand.

What is Makeup-On-Demand?

Woman CEO Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Transformed Glam Squad into a Million Dollar Makeup-On-Demand Service

Woman CEO Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Transformed Glam Squad into a Million Dollar Makeup-On-Demand Service
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The on-demand beauty service, Glam Squad was launched in New York City in 2014. Users simply logon to the mobile app, and place their orders. From there, they can schedule hairstylists, makeup stylists and bridal stylists… ON-DEMAND. Today, this makeup-on-demand service operates within the New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Hampton areas. Hampton customer Beth Lusko said:

“It’s tough to get that 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. slot.”

Half-hour stylist visits currently rung $155. This is giving stylists another arena for bringing in lucrative income. According to a Forbes article written on Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Glam Squad:

“U.S. spas and salons, which will do $40 billion in sales this year on the backs of a workforce that is 65% freelance.”

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson Brings Uber Business Model to Stylist Industry

Wilson is being held up as a great businesswoman for creating a way for these freelancers to earn more of their share in this workforce. And, with the business model being built around the concept of makeup-on-demand, Glam Squad freelancers can work on-demand. Now, that’s freelancing for you!

Drive for Uber

Glam Squad’s CEO Alexandra Wilkis Wilson is no newbie to the world of business. She’s also a co-founder of the million dollar business Gilt Groupe, a daily deals website. After running it for seven years, she left this e-commerce company to head to Glam Squad. She was lured in by its other co-founder and chairman, Jason Perri, to act as an advisor. She became CEO in September, and has since become one of the company’s major investors:

“I got hooked on many levels.”

The execs of Glam Squad refuse to disclose the financials of the company. However, the gross sales estimate, according to Forbes, was about $8 million for the first year. The goal of Alexandra Wilkis Wilson is to launch the makeup-on-demand service in 15 more major cities within the next two years.

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