Atlanta Businesswoman Clare Schexnyder Breaks Barriers with Fitness Center for New & Expecting Moms

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Atlanta businesswomen are finding themselves in a diverse business community open to their new ventures. According to Forbes Magazine, Atlanta is the 5th best US city for women starting new businesses. So, when Atlanta Businesswoman Clare Schexnyder, find a gap in the fitness market she could fill, it’s no wonder she took the leap. She successfully turned her passion for fitness, into a niche-driven business directed towards new and expecting moms.

Oh Baby! Fitness now works with expectant mothers, new mothers, infants and toddlers.

Oh Baby! Fitness now works with expectant mothers, new mothers, infants and toddlers.
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How Atlanta Businesswoman Clare Schexnyder Found Her Passion

10 years ago, after Atlanta Businesswoman Clare Schexnyder had her daughter, she found herself with a crippling case of postpartum depression:

“I didn’t leave my house. I didn’t shower. I didn’t want to do anything, and I really didn’t want to have anything to do with my child.”

“But I was a control freak who wouldn’t let anyone else touch her, so it was a terrible combination.”

Eventually, the new mom found a really great support group for parents. Fortunately for her, this group focused on fitness and exercise, which changed her life forever. According to Schexnyder:

“It saved my life.”

Atlanta Businesswoman Clare Schexnyder, Founder of Oh Boy! Fitness, with Daughter

Atlanta Businesswoman Clare Schexnyder, Founder of Oh Boy! Fitness, with Daughter
Image Source: Patch

‘Oh Baby! Fitness’ is Born in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta Businesswoman Clare Schexnyder was inspired to leave her 17-year career as a CNN producer to go after her new passion. The newly unemployed mom decided to build her own fitness community to help others “get strong for mommyhood.” This unique community would give expectant and new mothers a safe place to recover and heal through exercise.

Fitness Owners, Clare Schexnyder & Kathleen Donahoe<br>Photo Source: Sara Speert

Fitness Owners, Clare Schexnyder & Kathleen Donahoe
Photo Source: Sara Speert

Oh Baby! Fitness became a safe haven for pregnant women, as well as those who have recently given birth. It’s this type of community that successfully helped Schexnyder to heal from postpartum depression.

Clare Schexnyder’s initial investment in Oh Baby! Fitness was just $7,500. As it continued to grow, she took on a partnership with businesswoman Kathleen Donahoe.

4 Tips for Starting Your Own Business from Atlanta Businesswoman Clare Schexnyder

Clare Schexnyder gives the following four tips for starting your own business:

  1. Define Your Unique Niche – Every successful brand has something unique that makes it different (or better) than its competitors. Make sure those unique characteristics are portrayed in your mission statement, marketing and all-around image branding.
  2. Research Your Industry – Do you need special training… specialty supplies… a technical team? What are your growth projections? Are they realistic? What are your competitors spending? What’s your break-even point?
  3. Be Prepared to Speak Passionately – No one will have passion for your business like you. That means you need to be able to sell your business… to potential clients, investors, employees and partners. If you’re not able to passionately describe your solutions, maybe you’re in the wrong business.
  4. Create an Advisement Team – During the start-up phase of your business, you probably won’t have access to a legal adviser, financial adviser, etc… So, for now, you can turn to the Small Business Association for local assistance. You’ll get access to free small business workshops and online tools to help you succeed.

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