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July 21, 2015 3 Tips to Find Out What Your Market Needs

Ever been to a networking event and listened to entrepreneurs talk about how their initial ideas were brought to fruition? Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they simply let the market tell them what it needed. Listening to the needs of their customers gave them the confidence they needed to take radical measures their competitors weren’t taking. So, how can you find out what your market needs?

3 Resources to Help You Find Out What Your Market Needs

1. Pay Attention to Reviews

Surveys help you get an understanding of what your market needs (and wants).
Surveys help you get an understanding of what your market needs (and wants).
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Do you know what your customers find valuable? What frustrates them? What are some things they wish were better… different? When customers publish reviews about your products and/or services, read them. The insight will help you improve your customers’ experiences all across the board.

2. Conduct Customer Experience Survey

Thinking about making drastic changes to your products and/or services that you think your target market will love? Remember the New Coke Fiasco of 1985? Didn’t go over so well, did it? As a matter of fact, the market was so dissatisfied that thousands went out and stocked up on the Old Cokes.

So, think about conducting a survey first. Changes you may think your market needs may in no way be what it wants.

3. Create Your Own YouTube Channel

Just about every brand has information that’s valuable to its market. For example, “inventRight teaches people how to license their ideas”, according to Stephen Key of Entrepreneur. The company started its own YouTube Channel, where reps upload short, informative videos on various subjects related to licensing.

This helps them engage audience with video, versus just text. Many followers go so far as to request video content on other topics as well.

How to Find Out What Your Market Needs

So, what’s the best way to find out what your market needs (and wants)? Simple listen to your customers, clients and target audience. They know what they need already. Just give them the arena to share with you.

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You can also learn by finding out what the market is saying about your competition. A Competitor Analysis from The EntreMarketing Group will help you accomplish. Order you Competitor Analysis from The EntreMarketing Group today!

May 21, 2015 Startup Tips: How to Come Up with Cool Ideas for a Business

Determined to start your own business someday, but stumped for good ideas? Well, you’ll definitely have to overcome that obstacle in order to get moving. We’re here to help you find effective ways to come up with cool ideas for a business. Check it out.

2 Tips to Help You Create Cool Ideas for a Business

1. Let Your Facebook Friends Help

I once saw a post similar to this on Facebook: “If you could get advice from me on just one topic, what would it be?”

Ask a similar question on your own Facebook wall. Tally up the topic suggestions from your FB friends. The one that stands out the most is a great place to start. Obviously, you already have an audience that sees you as an expert on that specific subject. And, more than likely, you already have the passion and drive to make it succeed as a business idea.

The EntreMarketing Group shares two tips for coming up with cool ideas for a business.
The EntreMarketing Group shares two tips for coming up with cool ideas for a business.

2. Place Facebook Ads

Have two ideas for a business? Well, it’s always wiser to start with just one if you really want to be a successful business owner. So, how do you narrow your cool ideas down to just one?

  • Create two different landing pages, one for each idea. If you don’t already have a website or blog, go ahead and create a free one through com.
  • Include a very simple email capture form on each of the landing pages.
  • Take out two different Facebook ads to promote each of your business ideas.

The ad that gets the most email subscribers is the one that likely bring you the most small business success. Plus, now you already have your first set of subscribers and users who can be nurtured into become customers and clients.

Promote Your New Business Online

Once you’ve decided on the right choice on your list of ideas for a business, it’s time to start promoting it. You’ll need a social media presence and a customized responsive website.

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It doesn’t take much at all to convert your free website over to a responsive site using your own URL. The EntreMarketing Group will help you get your website converted over and run your Facebook ads campaigns if you need help. Contact The EntreMarketing Group for assistance today.

April 27, 2015 Unconventional Small Business Idea: Professional Bridesmaid for Hire

We’ve all heard the age-old saying, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” Well, woman entrepreneur Jen Glantz decided to turn her “career” as a bridesmaid into a lucrative business opportunity. Check out her unconventional small business idea: Bridesmaid for Hire

By the age of 26, Jen Glantz had already been in six different weddings… as a bridesmaid. Overtime, she began to notice first-hand that every one of those brides had similar pain points, such as:

  • Struggling to get the bridal shower together
  • Feuding family members and friends
  • Wanting to get rid of bridesmaids
Unconventional Small Business Idea:
Woman Entrepreneur Jen Glantz came up with an Unconventional Small Business Idea: Bridesmaids for Hire
Image Source: Kiss 925

Even when they had wedding planners, the major logistics of the nuptials tend to be forgotten until the last minute. That’s because there’s generally no one around to give brides the little tips and support they need to remember these tidbits. Glantz says:

“No one is going to tell you to stretch out your shoes.”

The author saw a big opportunity to for an unconventional small business idea: professional bridesmaid.

What is a Professional Bridesmaid?

In order for her unconventional small business idea to be lucrative, Jen Glantz had to create value for her potential clients. What types of bridesmaid services could she provide in order to charge brides additional money? She’d definitely have to be more than simply a “friend for hire.”

Her “Ultimate Bride Package” runs $1,000 and up. It includes:

  • 6 individual 1-hour sessions during wedding planning and rehearsal phases
  • 9 hours of what Glantz calls “logistics” which take place on the wedding day
  • Travel expenses for weddings outside of New York cost extra

Take Your Unconventional Small Business Idea to the Next Level

Back in June 2014, woman entrepreneur Jen Glantz decided to advertise her unconventional small business idea on Craigslist. The ad offered to provide all kinds of services, from style advice to dance lessons. When she woke up the next morning, there were 250 responses in her inbox.

Since then, more than a dozen brides have hired this full-time writer to work as a professional bridesmaid. To date, her unconventional small business idea has made her well over $10,000 in side-business income.

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April 1, 2015 7 Industries Where Women Entrepreneurs May Outperform Men as Business Owners

On Monday, CBS News released data from a US Census report in “The only 9 jobs where women outearn men.” This report gives working women an inside look into how far we’ve come when it comes to competing with men in various job markets. But, for women entrepreneurs, it means so much more. It’s a victory we can claim, and transform it into small business opportunities, as well as more lucrative jobs for women.

7 Small Business Industry Ideas Women Entrepreneurs Already Rule

Women entrepreneurs can turn these 7 job markets into successful businesses.
Women earn more money than men in these 7 job markets. Women entrepreneurs can turn them into successful businesses.

We chose seven from the list that women entrepreneurs can actually transform into small business ventures. This list allows us to get a better understanding of the fields we have the power to transform into lucrative ventures. This gives us the ability to become industry leaders, employers and influencers in fields we already rule as women in business.

According to the CBS News report:

“Out of about 350 U.S. professions tracked by the U.S. Census, only nine pay women more than men.

The data, released by the U.S. Census earlier this month, tracks earnings for men and women working full-time in hundreds of occupations, from chief executives to farmers.”

7 Job Markets Women Entrepreneurs Could Rule as Small Businesses

Interested in starting your own business venture? Not sure which industries have brought success to women in business? Well, these seven fields represent industries already paying women more than men. Since we already rule these seven job markets, it only makes sense that we rule the industries as women entrepreneurs and small business owners as well:

  1. Special Education Teachers – Women dominate this job market, making about $1.01 for every $1.00 earned by men. As small business owner, women entrepreneurs can contract special ed. services to schools, as well as homeschooling parents and programs.
  2. Retail & Wholesale Buyers (Excluding Farm Products) – About half of this job market is owned by women, making about 103.3 cents for every 100 cents men earn. Many buyers work as independent contractors for larger stores, as well as up-and-coming wholesale and retail businesses.
  3. Social & Human Services Assistants – In this female-dominated job market, women currently earn about $1,000 more per year than men. Many human and social services positions are telecommuting jobs these days. So, women entrepreneurs can start telecommuting employment agencies, specializing in these fields, and rule the industry.
  4. Transportation & Distribution Managers – According to Census reports, women earn about 100.5 cents for every 10 cents made by men in this industry. This is interesting considering we’re the minority here. Many companies in this industry are independently, owned. Women entrepreneurs should jump on the bandwagon.
  5. Counselors – Traditionally, this field has always been dominated by women. Yet, women workers make just $42,349 compared to the $42,299 men make as counselors. There are numerous entrepreneurial opportunities in this field, from contracting to private clientele.
  6. Directors & Producers – Even though women are still minorities in this industry, females earn $66,226 each year versus the $62,368 for male counterparts earn. This equates to about 106.2 earned for every 100 cents men make as directors and producers. That makes this a great, lucrative market for women entrepreneurs.
  7. Vehicle & Equipment Cleaners – Making up only 13.5% of this job market, women make about $24,793 yearly, compared to men’s wages of $23,605 annually. With a good business plan, busy brick and mortar location and/or company truck for mobile services, women entrepreneurs can rule this entire industry.

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February 16, 2015 3 Affordable Ways to Protect Your Business Idea

Most business-minded women have a natural fear of putting their business ideas “out there”, only to have them stolen by someone else. And, since turning your vision into a lucrative reality requires getting assistance from others, this is an understandable fear. Getting a patent is not an option, as they can take years to get, and cost thousands of dollars you just don’t have right now. So, how do you protect your business idea, using a method you can actually afford as an up-and-coming business woman?

Apply for a Patent Online

3 Legal Tools to Help You Protect Your Business Idea

Learn Affordable Ways to Protect Your Business Idea
Learn Affordable Ways to Protect Your Business Idea
Image Source: Pixabay

Applying for a patent is too time-consuming and expensive for any business woman who has yet to make money from a business idea yet. So, here are three affordable strategies to help you protect your business ideas:

  1. Non-compete agreement: Do you need to hire someone to assist you? Make sure anyone with access to your business idea signs a non-complete agreement. This legal agreement stops them from starting businesses of their own that will threaten or compete with yours for a specific amount of time and established radius.
  2. Non-disclosure agreement (NDA): This is an agreement to protect your business ideas from anyone you work with or works for you. It commits to complete confidentiality in regards to your idea. In other words, they will not share any information about your idea to anyone, including third parties.
  3. Work-for-hire agreement: There may come a time when your product or service needs a bit of fine tuning. A work for hire agreement establishes that any and all of these improvements belong to you at all times. No matter who comes up with what, it’s still yours.

* Disclaimer: This article is not intended to be legal advise. Please contact an attorney for legal help and oversight if needed.

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December 9, 2014 Sharing Your Business Idea Won’t Hurt You. But, Not Executing It Will.

Many women entrepreneurs hold their business ideas close to their hearts, believing they’re keys to success. Although any successful small business must begin with a good idea, your idea is worth next to nothing. Do you believe you have a great business idea? If so, are you willing to quit your 9-to-5 job to get this venture started?

More than likely, you answer “No” to the second question. And, that is one reason why timely execution is so much more important than a good business idea.

Featured Image: Sharing Your Small Business Ideas Won’t Hurt You. But, Non-Execution Will. Image Source: My Investment Ideas

Worried about “Them” Stealing Your Business Idea?

Oftentimes, it’s hard to get aspiring women entrepreneurs to share their business ideas with others. Why? They’re worried about someone stealing them. As a businesswoman, this is a major mistake.

It’s vital to the successful launch of your new service or product to get feedback from others. That’s one efficient way to get to know and understand the needs of your potential customers. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to effectively fulfill those needs.

During the ideation phase of your business idea, create a description of the business idea that you’ll willing to share publicly. Make sure this description doesn’t include too much information on how you plan to “do it.” Simply share the basic what, not the entire how. If doing so gives all of the idea’s value away, it probably wasn’t a strong idea in the first place.

Turn Your Business Idea into a Lucrative One

Share this basic concept with people you trust to give you reliable feedback. Then, use this feedback to improve the concept.

Soon, you’ll learn to accept the fact that your success won’t come from this great business idea alone. Once you do, you’ll gain more confidence in your idea. Then, use your timely execution to turn the idea into a million dollar business.

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December 8, 2014 What Do You Need, Want and Expect to Get Out of Your Side Business?

It’s almost impossible to create a lucrative side business if you go into it “half-cocked”, as the old saying goes. You need to be ready to load, aim and shoot for the stars, if you want it to grow into a successful business venture. To be a success, your side business must be one you can actually handle, in order to grow it properly.

But, the type of venture you start should be based on what you actually need, want and expect to get from your side business. The five questions below will help you figure this out. And, depending on your answers, we have a few tips to help you determine what type of side business will be most beneficial for you.

A Guide to Starting Your Side Business… One That Will Actually Grow

As you answer these five questions, be honest with yourself about your weaknesses and strengths. You need to really examine them in order to determine whether or not you have what it takes to be a successful woman entrepreneur. Your answers to these five questions will also help you understand what type of female entrepreneur you will be, and the best type of side business for you:

  1. Are you simply seeking a second, supplementary income? If so, how about selling the products and/or services of others? You can represent already established brands, without ever having to write a business plan. Plus you can work your side business during your off hours, when you’re not at work. Ideas: Mary Kay, Molly Maids, insurance sales, time-shares, etc…
  2. Are you just interested in being a stay-at-home mom? If so, your side business needs to work around your kids’ schedules. However, this one may have to wait until you’re actually ready to quit your 9-to-5 job.
  3. Are you trying to make major changes in the world? If so, a nonprofit business may be the key for you. This type of business requires extra paperwork to start, and the labor can be a bit intense. But, if your side business can be extremely rewarding if you choose a cause you’re passionate about.
  4. Are you interested in make a contribution to society? If so, how about starting off as a volunteer with different groups and organizations. This will help you figure out what you have to offer society. You’ll also learn how to start a non-profit, as well as establish your side business when the time comes.
  5. Are you excited about being a woman entrepreneur? If this is the case, we truly understand. When you come up with a cool idea for your side business that you’re passionate about… go for it! Every successful small business started with a simple good idea.

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November 25, 2014 How to Start a Side Business with Very Little Cash – Part 2

This is the second part of a 2-part post entitled ‘How to Start a Side Business with Very Little Cash.’ Click the link below to read part 1.

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Featured Image: Starting a side business does not have to break your bank. Just use these tips to get going. Image Source: Ebony

Earn extra income by starting a side business while keeping your job.
Earn extra income by starting a side business while keeping your job.
Image Source: Life Hacker

4. Barter trade for capital.

While all of the above business ideas require very little to get started, they still require something. Thankfully, there is a way to get the capital you need without spending a lot of money. Instead of purchasing the items needed for starting a business, try bartering for them instead.

Offer services or products in exchange for items you need. It could something as simple as website design or a new computer. Doing this can help you get started with little funds, and it may also help promote your business.

 5. Keep your purchases cheap.

When you are starting out, everything you purchase doesn’t have to be expensive. Try using low-cost alternatives as much as possible to save money on your new business costs. Freelance sites such as Fiverr and People per Hour are great ways purchase services that don’t cost a lot of money. Be picky when purchasing low cost services, and spend the necessary time to get exactly what you want. With some effort, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for.

You can also use low priced companies such as Zazzle and Vistaprint to create branded materials for promoting your business. Learning how to look for coupons isn’t a bad idea also.

Start Your Side Business Today

Starting a business is hard work that can easily consume every part of your life. It doesn’t have to consume all of your finances however. Find something you love to do, be passionate about it and use a little creativity. When you do, you will find that money won’t be able to stand in your way.

Ready to start your side business? The Entre Marketing Group is a group of business consultants who specialize in helping women become successful entrepreneurs. Contact Entre Marketing Group to customize your business marketing package today.

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Have any other ideas on how to start a side business with little to no cash at all?

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November 24, 2014 How to Start a Side Business with Very Little Cash – Part 1

Many people believe you need a lot of money to start a side business. But, that couldn’t be the further from the truth. There are actually a few ways to begin a successful entrepreneurial business without a huge startup budget. All it takes is a little bit of skills, a lot of work, and the ability to market yourself.

5 Ways to Start a Side Business on a Super Tight Budget

Here are five ways to start a side business with a miniscule budget:

 1. Start a Side Business: Create something, and sell it.

For the creative types, selling a physical item is an easy way to start a business. Sure, you will need to pay for the cost of creating what you sell, but it is a small investment compared to what you could gain. Sell your products on a variety of online platforms such as eBay, Etsy, and Bonanza World. It’s like having your own lemonade stand, except the customer base is much larger than your neighborhood.

To get the most from you time, try selling your products on multiple websites. By doing this, you get exposure to a variety of customers. Just remember to keep your stores updated with the right inventory levels.

2. Start a Side Business: Sell something someone else has made.

You don’t have to be the creative type to sell something. You can always start a side business by selling something someone else has made. Reselling the products of others is a great way to build a business without creating something new. Try some of these techniques:

  • Dropship Enabler: Perhaps your talent is creating an online store people will enjoy. If that is the case, simply work with a drop-shipping company to process the orders while you collect the checks.
  • Thrift Shop Expert: For those with an eye, thrift shops and garage sales can be treasure troves of sellable goods. Purchase these low priced items and sell them online to build a business with very little start-up cost.

 3. Start a Side Business: Sell a service you are good at providing.

You don’t always have to sell a physical item. Some people are able to sell themselves. Depending on what you are good at, there may be a large number of talents you could be making money on. The best part is, the only investment is your time.

Start a side business by selling services will vary based on the services you are able to provide. Some services require high levels of education, while others require experience. Obtaining the qualifications for selling these skills may take some time.

Selling services requires a lot of marketing know how because you will need to create a name for your brand. Unlike products, services are hard to place a value on. You will also need some way of promoting your services to those who would want to pay for it. Popular sites for doing this include Craigslist, Fiverr, Skillshare and Elance.

You should also build a website for your services that provides examples, explains your experience and connects with industry you wish to reach. For the professional who wants to sell services, understanding online marketing and branding are an absolute must.

Featured Image: Start a side business using these five tips, even if you have very little to no startup funds. Image Source: Money Under 30

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November 3, 2014 Tips for Owning Investment Property as a Side Business

Many people have varied views about being a landlord. While some think it’s the perfect way to create wealth in US, others want nothing to do with owning investment property. Although it can be a very lucrative side business, many past investors have mixed thoughts about it. After going through this article, you will be able to decide if owning investment property is for you.

Let’s Crunch the Numbers Behind Owning Investment Property

Here’s an example of a businesswoman who turned to owning investment property as her side hustle. Seidra owns 3 individual 2-bedroom single family homes in the New York, the Bronx specifically.

  • With a monthly rental income of $1,500 per unit, Seidra earns $4,500 per month from collecting rents on her houses.
  • Her monthly expenses include mortgage, property taxes, hot water and insurance, which amount to $2,500 per month.
  • This leaves Seidra with $2,000 as monthly income, which is not bad as an supplemental income from owning investment property.

What Could Go Wrong When Owning Investment Property

In recent times, Bronx property values have been appreciating at 5% annually. This means that apart from receiving monthly profit, Seidra is increasing equity. The above example describes the best scenario when all her three tenants pay on time. However, 2011 was a disappointing year for Seidra because one of her tenants was unable to pay rent for four months. Here are some of the consequences that followed:

  • Seidra was not able to receive the $1,400 rent for a period of four months.
  • It cost her $800 for a period of four days to appear in court ($200 per day). That was how much she lost be having to take off work for four days to evict the non-paying tenant.
  • New York is known to be friendly to tenants. Judges gave Seidra’s tenant two more months to vacate.
  • By the time the tenant finally moved, $ 9,000 was the amount Seidra had lost in rental income, loss of wages and court costs. Not being able to find a new tenant for two months totaled losses of over $12,000 in 2011.

How Seidra Recovered from Her Rental Property Nightmare

Seidra changed her action plan and decided to first renovate the home before renting it out again. Her renovations allowed her to charge even higher rent for the property than she had been before having to evict the previous tenant.

The second move Seidra made was to change type of property she invested in from that point on. Instead of owning investment property that were single family homes, she started investing in multi-family property. This allowed her to get three rental income checks each month, rather than just one.

Plus, a single family home would have been a disadvantage. This is because if the tenant stops paying rent, Seidra would have had to take on all expenses, with no rental income coming in each month. A property is meant to be an investment, and not an expense.

Improve Your Vacancy Rates

When you take the leap towards owning investment property as a side business, your goal is to keep every unit occupied at all times. While this isn’t always possible, it does help to market your brand, and rental properties, properly. Market your investment real estate business, as well as your vacant properties with your own website, photos, videos and virtual tours.

Ready to take owning investment property to the next level?

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