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April 8, 2015 10 Tips to Help You be a More Proficient Telecommuter – Part 2

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10 tips to help you improve your productivity as a telecommuter?
10 tips to help you improve your productivity as a telecommuter?
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5. Stay Hydrated

Your emotional, mental and physical well-bring are vital to your productivity as a telecommuter. In order to function to your fullest, staying hydrated is very important. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time staying focused. Drink at least two 32-ounce bottles of water per day for best results.

6. No Multi-Tasking

Many people think that it’s best to multi-task when working as a telecommuter. But, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. That’s because most people aren’t able to do it well. So, you half-completing numerous tasks, as opposed to completing one task very well.

If you’re not careful, multi-tasking will only stress you out and stretch you thin. You’ll find yourself jumping back and forth, slowing up your productivity as a telecommuter.

7. Don’t Take Work to Bed

Sometimes, telecommuters find themselves working late, just like with a regular 9-to-5. That’s fine. But, when you do decide to call it a day, do just that. Never go to bed worrying about that new client or those reports you didn’t complete. Stressing over unfinished tasks won’t do you any good.

Instead, make it a point to stay more focused during your workday. Or, reassess your current workloads. Your goal should be to complete all of your planned tasks for each day.

8. Have a Purpose for Leaving the House

Leaving the house without a specific purpose is detrimental to your productivity as a telecommuter. Getting your grocery shopping done, a good workout at the gym, or scooping up the kiddies from school are important tasks that must be done. But, if you have no actual purpose for leaving your home office, just sit still and get your work done.

9. Optimize Your Work Routine

Learn what’s best for your productivity as a telecommuter. Some people require multiple short breaks to thrive as telecommuting employees or freelancers. Others are more productive when continue with long periods of uninterrupted work.

If you need a quiet area, go with that. Need a little noise to stay productive? Then, turn on your TV, Pandora or Milk and hammer away. Figure out what’s best for you and optimize your schedule and routine for better productivity as a telecommuter.

10. Build Your Brand Online

Are you a telecommuting freelancer hoping to add more clients to your portfolio? If so, you need to build your brand as a freelance telecommuter in order to get the word out about your services. A customized brand-building package will do just that for your freelance telecommuting business.

The EntreMarketing Group’s brand-building services will help you become an industry leader in your field of expertise. We will help you develop and build your brand with a custom-built responsive website, SEO services, content marketing, social media marketing (SMM) and competitor analysis if needed.

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Improve your productivity as a telecommuter with bigger and better clients and projects. Contact The EntreMarketing Group about a customized brand building package for your freelance telecommuting business today.

April 7, 2015 10 Tips to Help You be a More Proficient Telecommuter – Part 1

You dreamed of finding that cool work-from-home gig. Now, you’ve landed the telecommuting job of your dreams. But, can you handle it? Are you cut out for the hard work it takes to be a proficient telecommuter?

For some people, working from home is all about working in PJs, writing on the couch and getting your work done with the TV on in the background. For others, the excitement of telecommuting comes from networking at Internet cafes and local Starbucks locations. No matter what floats your telecommuting boat, it’s a matter of what makes you a more proficient telecommuter.

10 Tips to Take You from a Work-at-Home Freelancer to a Proficient Telecommuter

10 Tips to Help You be a More Proficient Telecommuter
10 Tips to Help You be a More Proficient Telecommuter
Image Source: keetsa/flickr

Interested in being a more productive telecommuting employee? Or, are you a freelancer trying to squeeze more work into your productive day? Well, here are 10 tricks to help you become more productive, making you a more proficient telecommuter:

1. There’s an App for That!

Yes, there are Windows 8 and mobile apps designed specifically for telecommuting employees and freelancers. There are free apps that help you find nearby locations with free Wi-Fi. That way, you can work at a different location each and every day, if you like. No longer does telecommuting mean you have to work at home. Now, you can work at the park, beach, even a campsite.

2. Make Yourself Take Breaks

This is a tough area for work-a-holic telecommuters. Ever wondered why the Federal government demands that you take breaks at 9-to-5 jobs? That’s because breaks are vitally important. Whether you get in a good workout, a nice, hot bubble bath or finish a couple chapters of that book you’re into, you must take a break. It clears you mind, allowing you to be a more proficient telecommuter.

3. Get the Bulk Complete before Lunch

According to Entrepreneur, studies show that:

“…that the most successful, productive people dive right in when they wake up.”

In other words, whether or not you “dress for success” is not that important. Just make an effort to get the bulk of your work done long before lunchtime. Then, you’ll be on a roll for the day.

4. Work Comfortably

The more comfortable you are, the more proficient you’ll be at any job or task. That means that it’s okay for you to work from home in gym clothes or boxer shorts. But, if you’re a person who’s more productive in an office setting, then set one up in your home. And, don’t forget to claim you home office tax credit on your next income tax return.

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April 1, 2015 7 Industries Where Women Entrepreneurs May Outperform Men as Business Owners

On Monday, CBS News released data from a US Census report in “The only 9 jobs where women outearn men.” This report gives working women an inside look into how far we’ve come when it comes to competing with men in various job markets. But, for women entrepreneurs, it means so much more. It’s a victory we can claim, and transform it into small business opportunities, as well as more lucrative jobs for women.

7 Small Business Industry Ideas Women Entrepreneurs Already Rule

Women entrepreneurs can turn these 7 job markets into successful businesses.
Women earn more money than men in these 7 job markets. Women entrepreneurs can turn them into successful businesses.

We chose seven from the list that women entrepreneurs can actually transform into small business ventures. This list allows us to get a better understanding of the fields we have the power to transform into lucrative ventures. This gives us the ability to become industry leaders, employers and influencers in fields we already rule as women in business.

According to the CBS News report:

“Out of about 350 U.S. professions tracked by the U.S. Census, only nine pay women more than men.

The data, released by the U.S. Census earlier this month, tracks earnings for men and women working full-time in hundreds of occupations, from chief executives to farmers.”

7 Job Markets Women Entrepreneurs Could Rule as Small Businesses

Interested in starting your own business venture? Not sure which industries have brought success to women in business? Well, these seven fields represent industries already paying women more than men. Since we already rule these seven job markets, it only makes sense that we rule the industries as women entrepreneurs and small business owners as well:

  1. Special Education Teachers – Women dominate this job market, making about $1.01 for every $1.00 earned by men. As small business owner, women entrepreneurs can contract special ed. services to schools, as well as homeschooling parents and programs.
  2. Retail & Wholesale Buyers (Excluding Farm Products) – About half of this job market is owned by women, making about 103.3 cents for every 100 cents men earn. Many buyers work as independent contractors for larger stores, as well as up-and-coming wholesale and retail businesses.
  3. Social & Human Services Assistants – In this female-dominated job market, women currently earn about $1,000 more per year than men. Many human and social services positions are telecommuting jobs these days. So, women entrepreneurs can start telecommuting employment agencies, specializing in these fields, and rule the industry.
  4. Transportation & Distribution Managers – According to Census reports, women earn about 100.5 cents for every 10 cents made by men in this industry. This is interesting considering we’re the minority here. Many companies in this industry are independently, owned. Women entrepreneurs should jump on the bandwagon.
  5. Counselors – Traditionally, this field has always been dominated by women. Yet, women workers make just $42,349 compared to the $42,299 men make as counselors. There are numerous entrepreneurial opportunities in this field, from contracting to private clientele.
  6. Directors & Producers – Even though women are still minorities in this industry, females earn $66,226 each year versus the $62,368 for male counterparts earn. This equates to about 106.2 earned for every 100 cents men make as directors and producers. That makes this a great, lucrative market for women entrepreneurs.
  7. Vehicle & Equipment Cleaners – Making up only 13.5% of this job market, women make about $24,793 yearly, compared to men’s wages of $23,605 annually. With a good business plan, busy brick and mortar location and/or company truck for mobile services, women entrepreneurs can rule this entire industry.

Interested in becoming a small business owner? Women entrepreneurs require a certain amount of style and sophistication when building business brands. The EntreMarketing Group specializes in helping businesswomen build successful brands that sustain the tests of time. Contact The EntreMarketing Group about a customized brand building plan for your business today.

March 30, 2015 Hoping to Telecommute to Keep Your Side Business Afloat? These 25 Companies Offer Work from Home Jobs

If you’re running your side business from home, chances are you wish you could work from home, too. Remote jobs and telecommuting jobs are giving women with side gigs more flexibility to keep their businesses afloat. And, these 25 companies are paving the way for big companies hoping to keep overhead costs down with telecommuting employees.

Common Telecommuting Industries and Work from Home Job Titles

These 25 Companies Offer Work from Home Jobs
These 25 Companies Offer Work from Home Jobs

Among these 25 companies offering work from home jobs, you’ll find a wide range of career categories. According to Business New Daily, research shows that the following seven career fields are leading the pack in telecommuting job industries:

  1. Health and Medical
  2. Customer Service
  3. Sales
  4. IT and Computer
  5. Administrative
  6. Training and Education
  7. Marketing

There are also some pretty common job titles that pop up when searching for work from home jobs online. Some of these common telecommuting jobs include:

  • Interpreter
  • Marketing Manager
  • Writer
  • Case Manager
  • Developer
  • Translator
  • Account Executive
  • Engineer
  • Sales Representative
  • Consultant

Top 25 Companies Offering Work from Home Jobs in 2015

FlexJobs is currently the most popular online job search site for people look for telecommuting, remote work and/or work from home jobs. Businesswoman, female entrepreneur, CEO and founder of FlexJobs, Sara Sutton Fell, issued a statement on the impact of these jobs:

“The positive impact remote work options can have on a company’s bottom line and culture is increasingly being acknowledged by smart employers.”

In January 2015, FlexJobs released its list of Top 100 companies with the most remote job option postings in 2014. These types of jobs are generally listed as remote jobs, telecommuting jobs, virtual jobs and work from home jobs. Here are the Top 25 from that list:

  1. TeleTech

  2. Convergys

  3. Sutherland Global Services

  4. Amazon

  5. Kelly Services

  6. Kaplan

  7. First Data

  8. IBM

  9. SAP

  10. Westat

  11. UnitedHealth Group

  12. Dell

  13. Working Solutions

  14. Intuit

  15. US-Reports

  16. Xerox

  17. Parexel

  18. Aetna

  19. Humana

  20. VMware

  21. Salesforce

  22. American Express

  23. HD Supply

  24. Forest Laboratories

  25. ADP

Did you know that a business mentor can help you figure out how to successfully juggle your work life with your entrepreneurial dreams? The EntreMarketing Group helps women entrepreneurs build successful brands and create lucrative businesses. Contact The EntreMarketing Group to discuss a marketing strategy for your side business today.

November 27, 2014 How To Live a Dream Life While Working Your Full-Time Job – Part 2

This is the second part of a 2-part series featuring tips for working women hoping to someday live their dream lives. If you want to live a dream life, and you need to read part 1, simply click the link below.

Read Part 1 – How to Live a Dream Life While Working Your Full-Time Job

Featured Image: Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream. Image Source: The Curious Butterfly

Live a Dream Life
Live a Dream Life
Image Source: Liz Green

3) Live a Dream Life:  Get more efficient at your current job and invest that extra time in new prospects. 

The average American worked 1700 hours in 2013. With over 8700 hours in the average year, however, and life spans increasing, this means that you have plenty of time to pursue other goals, even though it may not feel like it. If you are a salaried worker, try to maximize how efficient you are at routine tasks so that you can devote a few hours a week to developing new skills or launching something new.

4) Live a Dream Life: Change the way your current job does things. 

One of the most difficult, but rewarding, ways to live your dream is to turn your so-so job into something spectacular. Ask yourself why your day job feels like a grind and what you can do make it into your dream job. Can you get people in your organization excited about a new direction? Can you do some independent research and show them there’s a better way to do things? Can you introduce a new product line and try to get everyone on your team behind it?

It’s up to you how quickly or slowly you pursue your dream job, in order to work towards living a dream life. But, the key is to go out and do it. If you don’t, you’ll always wonder if you could’ve made your dreams come true as you continued working your 9-to-5 job.

5) Start Your Own Side Business

Starting your own side business is an excellent way to ensure that you live a dream life for of passion. As a woman entrepreneur, as side business will allow you to supplement your job income, while adding to your retirement fund. Ready to start your own side business? Contact the business consultants at The Entre Marketing Group to help you get started today.

How do you plan to live a dream life?

Share with us in the comments below.

November 26, 2014 How To Live a Dream Life While Working Your Full-Time Job – Part 1

If you’re like many professional women, you probably have a full-time job that you depend on to pay the bills. This 9-to-5 job may not be what you dream of doing, though. If it”s not what you are truly passionate about, it’s time to make some kind of change. There are ways to live a dream life while working a full-time job.

5 Tips to Keep Your 9-to-5 and Still Live a Dream Life

If you’re like many people, you also probably can’t afford to just quit that job in favor of something else, so what can you do to move toward that dream while still living in reality?

1) Live a Dream Life: Cultivate new opportunities in your current job. 

One of the number one things you can do to start to build toward your dream job is to try new things in your current job. If you work in a large company, ask your boss for some added responsibility or to sit in on what another team or department is doing. If you work for a small organization, be brave and create a new initiative that will help the organization expand.

2) Live a Dream Life: Take calculated risks.

Though you may not be able to simply up and quit your day job, you might be able to try your hand at it in a limited capacity. If you can save up some money, you might invest it in new training, or in a trial “batch” of a new product you want to eventually bring to market. Big sellers like Amazon and Ebay now make it possible to market a wide variety of products will incredibly low overhead. One thing is for sure: without risk, there is no reward.

Featured Image: Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams. Image Source: Hob Nobbers

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