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August 3, 2015 4 Habits of Successful Millionaires Women Entrepreneurs Should Follow

Want to become a millionaire? Then, you have to think like a one. That means surrounding yourself with millionaires, and following their leads. Entrepreneur and Penny Stock Expert Timothy Sykes shares four habits he now follows after watching the leads of successful millionaires.

1. Successful Millionaires Work Hard

How often does the “get rich quick” motto actually come true? In all honesty, most companies that boast of “overnight success” actually worked at it for 5, 10, 20 years.

Millionaires understand that from the beginning, and aren’t afraid to put in all those years of hard work to achieve their goals. Take every small success in stride, then move on to the next. Every little taste of success should push you to work even hard for the next one.

2. Successful Millionaires Set Clear Goals

Doctor-turned-entrepreneur Judy Dlamini shows up on multiple lists of the richest women in South Africa
Doctor-turned-entrepreneur Judy Dlamini shows up on multiple lists of the richest women in South Africa.
Image Source: The African Millionaire

Your goals need to be clear… specific. Instead of a general goal, such as “I want to buy a home”, how about something more specific, like “I want to buy a $500,000 home in Buckhead, GA”?

If you want to truly become a successful entrepreneur, that’s the type of goal you need to set. Are you current goals a boring or uninspiring? Then, it’s time to sit down and rethink them to ensure they’re taking you down the path of becoming a successful millionaire.

3. Successful Millionaires Don’t Worry About Failing

People who have a major fear of failure are much too cautious to actually succeed. This attitude keeps you from taking chances, which leads to missed opportunities.

The opposite is true for successful millionaires. They actually welcome failure because it gives them the chance to learn much needed lessons. These lessons help them figure out how to move forward. Follow this habit, and in time, you’ll become “fearless in the face of the smart risks that’ll make you a millionaire”, says Sykes.

4. Successful Millionaires Follow Successful Mentors

Everyone needs a good teacher. As a woman entrepreneur, a successful mentor will help you learn what it takes to succeed in business much faster. This will save you years of learning time, and loads of money.

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May 20, 2015 3 Tips to Stay Motivated and Lead Your Business to Success

The thrill of launching your start-up is long gone. You’re now engrossed in the day-to-day challenges of running your own business. And, you seem to be losing motivation to continue pushing forward. So, what do you do to stay motivated to keep pushing forward? We have some tips for you.

3 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Stay Motivated for Business Success

Follow these three tips to help you stay motivated to drive your small business down the road that leads to success:

1. Set Realistic Business Goals

Is your start-up goal to earn $1,000,000 this year? Then, more than likely, you won’t be achieving that goal. You’re literally setting yourself (and your business) up for failure.

It’s okay to set these kinds of long-term goals. But, for a goal for this year, you need to set more reasonable short-term goals instead. Set multiple smaller goals and create milestones you can actually track and measure.

Then, draw up a plan of action to achieve those goals. Tackle that plan… one day at a time, and that will help you stay motivated to achieve business success.

You have to stay motivated if you truly want to see your business succeed.
You have to stay motivated if you truly want to see your business succeed.

2. Remember How Badly You Want to Succeed and Achieve

Do you know what the most important asset of a successful entrepreneur is these days? Perseverance. Two of the keys to keeping women entrepreneurs and small business owners motivated are:

  1. Ambition
  2. Determination

These two tools drive an entrepreneur’s need to succeed and achieve. And, it’s that need to keeps entrepreneurs from giving up each time they experience a failure.

When you find yourself losing your morale, take a look around and figure out who’s pushing you towards business success. Maybe it’s a goal-oriented mentor or an inspiring energized colleague. Either way, surround yourself with people who will motivate you by cheering you on through your journey to achieve big things and accomplish the success you desire.

3. Take Care of You

Most driven women entrepreneurs and small business owners have the potential to become workaholics. That’s okay, as you as you remember that being overworked and being invested aren’t one in the same.

Make time to take care of yourself each day. Eat right. Stay hydrated. Work out. And, by all means, take breaks during the day. Woman Entrepreneur Sharon Middendorf shares what she does to stay motivated:

“…ambition, exercise and meditation. This inspires and guides me through the days.”

If you’re not healthy, you can run a healthy business. If you don’t feel energized, you won’t be able to keep up the momentum you need to push your company forward. So, do whatever it takes to keep yourself healthy, energized and, of course, stay motivated to keep your company on the path to success.

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May 7, 2015 3 Tips to Crush the Entrepreneurial Fears of Women in Business

Most women who choose to become entrepreneurs are motivated by one important thing: Freedom. We want the chance to follow our dreams, with the flexibility that comes from working for yourself. Entrepreneurship allows you to perform work that’s both rewarding and empowering, while building something worth giving your all. But, it’s those entrepreneurial fears that tend to stop many women from going for their entrepreneurial dreams.

3 Strategies to Help Conquer Entrepreneurial Fears

You must conquer your entrepreneurial fears in order to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.
You must conquer your entrepreneurial fears in order to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.
Image Source: pixabay

Use these three strategies to help you get past your entrepreneurial fears, and become an entrepreneurial success:

1. You Don’t Need Validation from Others

Your business is your business. It was launched based on your vision. So, don’t waste time seeking validation from others as you grown your business and launch new services, products and marketing campaigns. Your fears of non-acceptance will only slow you down.

2. Celebrate the Small Stuff

Positive reinforcement helps you keep that “go-getter” attitude going strong. As an entrepreneur, you’ll have to provide it for yourself most of the time. Finally made all those cold-calls you’ve been dreading? Celebrate. Made it through those multi-stacks of paperwork? Celebrate that too!

3. Write Down Your Goals

Effective goal-setting involves taking big goals, and breaking them down to smaller ones that can actually be accomplished today. Writing them down makes it easier to break those visions down into smaller chunks.

For example, let’s say your ultimate entrepreneurial goal is to take your company public someday. What can you do this year to work towards that goal? Now, break that down into what you can do this quarter, this month, this week… even today. But, most importantly, write those goals down.

Be Grateful for Every Milestone

It’s vital to the success of your small business that you learn to be grateful. You need to be grateful for your vision, ability to go for your dreams, what you’ve accomplished so far, and your drive to reach your ultimate entrepreneurial goals. The more you embrace the positive aspects of becoming an entrepreneur, the more you’ll conquer those entrepreneurial fears.

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How do you conquer your entrepreneurial fears as the arise?

Share with our audience in the comments below.

April 8, 2015 10 Tips to Help You be a More Proficient Telecommuter – Part 2

Return to Part 1 of 10 Tips to Help Your Productivity as a Telecommuter

10 tips to help you improve your productivity as a telecommuter?
10 tips to help you improve your productivity as a telecommuter?
Image Source: Creative Commons

5. Stay Hydrated

Your emotional, mental and physical well-bring are vital to your productivity as a telecommuter. In order to function to your fullest, staying hydrated is very important. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time staying focused. Drink at least two 32-ounce bottles of water per day for best results.

6. No Multi-Tasking

Many people think that it’s best to multi-task when working as a telecommuter. But, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. That’s because most people aren’t able to do it well. So, you half-completing numerous tasks, as opposed to completing one task very well.

If you’re not careful, multi-tasking will only stress you out and stretch you thin. You’ll find yourself jumping back and forth, slowing up your productivity as a telecommuter.

7. Don’t Take Work to Bed

Sometimes, telecommuters find themselves working late, just like with a regular 9-to-5. That’s fine. But, when you do decide to call it a day, do just that. Never go to bed worrying about that new client or those reports you didn’t complete. Stressing over unfinished tasks won’t do you any good.

Instead, make it a point to stay more focused during your workday. Or, reassess your current workloads. Your goal should be to complete all of your planned tasks for each day.

8. Have a Purpose for Leaving the House

Leaving the house without a specific purpose is detrimental to your productivity as a telecommuter. Getting your grocery shopping done, a good workout at the gym, or scooping up the kiddies from school are important tasks that must be done. But, if you have no actual purpose for leaving your home office, just sit still and get your work done.

9. Optimize Your Work Routine

Learn what’s best for your productivity as a telecommuter. Some people require multiple short breaks to thrive as telecommuting employees or freelancers. Others are more productive when continue with long periods of uninterrupted work.

If you need a quiet area, go with that. Need a little noise to stay productive? Then, turn on your TV, Pandora or Milk and hammer away. Figure out what’s best for you and optimize your schedule and routine for better productivity as a telecommuter.

10. Build Your Brand Online

Are you a telecommuting freelancer hoping to add more clients to your portfolio? If so, you need to build your brand as a freelance telecommuter in order to get the word out about your services. A customized brand-building package will do just that for your freelance telecommuting business.

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April 7, 2015 10 Tips to Help You be a More Proficient Telecommuter – Part 1

You dreamed of finding that cool work-from-home gig. Now, you’ve landed the telecommuting job of your dreams. But, can you handle it? Are you cut out for the hard work it takes to be a proficient telecommuter?

For some people, working from home is all about working in PJs, writing on the couch and getting your work done with the TV on in the background. For others, the excitement of telecommuting comes from networking at Internet cafes and local Starbucks locations. No matter what floats your telecommuting boat, it’s a matter of what makes you a more proficient telecommuter.

10 Tips to Take You from a Work-at-Home Freelancer to a Proficient Telecommuter

10 Tips to Help You be a More Proficient Telecommuter
10 Tips to Help You be a More Proficient Telecommuter
Image Source: keetsa/flickr

Interested in being a more productive telecommuting employee? Or, are you a freelancer trying to squeeze more work into your productive day? Well, here are 10 tricks to help you become more productive, making you a more proficient telecommuter:

1. There’s an App for That!

Yes, there are Windows 8 and mobile apps designed specifically for telecommuting employees and freelancers. There are free apps that help you find nearby locations with free Wi-Fi. That way, you can work at a different location each and every day, if you like. No longer does telecommuting mean you have to work at home. Now, you can work at the park, beach, even a campsite.

2. Make Yourself Take Breaks

This is a tough area for work-a-holic telecommuters. Ever wondered why the Federal government demands that you take breaks at 9-to-5 jobs? That’s because breaks are vitally important. Whether you get in a good workout, a nice, hot bubble bath or finish a couple chapters of that book you’re into, you must take a break. It clears you mind, allowing you to be a more proficient telecommuter.

3. Get the Bulk Complete before Lunch

According to Entrepreneur, studies show that:

“…that the most successful, productive people dive right in when they wake up.”

In other words, whether or not you “dress for success” is not that important. Just make an effort to get the bulk of your work done long before lunchtime. Then, you’ll be on a roll for the day.

4. Work Comfortably

The more comfortable you are, the more proficient you’ll be at any job or task. That means that it’s okay for you to work from home in gym clothes or boxer shorts. But, if you’re a person who’s more productive in an office setting, then set one up in your home. And, don’t forget to claim you home office tax credit on your next income tax return.

Click Here for Tips 5-10 on How to be a More Proficient Telecommuter

March 12, 2015 5 Mobile Apps Women Entrepreneurs Should Love, But Rarely Use

When it comes to savvy women entrepreneurs, mobile apps like LinkedIn and Mailbox are a given when on-the-go. Yet, there are thousands of other apps in the mobile world that could make your days more productive. They may even bring a smile to your face.

Using the Fiverr mobile app, you can get all sorts of online services done for just $5.
Using the Fiverr mobile app, you can get all sorts of online services done for just $5.
Image Source: She Scribes

Women Entrepreneurs Should be Using These 5 Mobile Apps

Here are five mobile apps you’d come to love, if you just give them a chance:

  1. Fiverr – Everyday, new “gigs” are added to Fiverr. Gigs are online services people will perform for just $5. From graphic designs to articles, from databases to audio files… You can get a lot accomplished, on-demand, with $5 on the Fiverr mobile.
  2. Flipboard – Looking for a ways to keep up with your various social media accounts and favorite digital magazines, websites and blogs? Well, the Flipboard mobile app is the way to go. Once you customize it to show you only what you like to read most, you’re ready to start your days off right.
  3. – This mobile app gives you a simple list of the various task you have to complete each day. is so easy-to-use, it makes checking your tasks each morning a breeze.
  4. Full – With the Full mobile app, you’re able to prioritize your tasks of the day. You can also use it to schedule time for other things that matter to you, be they personal or business.
  5. Lift – Women entrepreneurs are generally into self-improvement. Well, Lift is an amazing little mobile app that acts as a “collection of micro-communities.” Each community group has a goal of some sort. So, let’s say you join a “Sleep 6 Hours” group. Every time you accomplish that goal, you check in, and get props from others in the group. Choosing the right groups for you will help you become more efficient as a woman entrepreneur.

Read There’s an App for That: Does Your Small Business Need an App?

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