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December 22, 2015 Content Marketing Tips from Your Receptionist… Bringing Value to Your Brand

You didn’t know your receptionist did that, did you? Well, a receptionist can be a surprisingly good source of content marketing strategies and inspiration.

This is because these front line agents know what your customers are concerned about and they probably have it written on a sticky note somewhere. Customer feedback is extremely valuable. Why wouldn’t you use that information for good?

Receptionists Provide Real – Time Analytics

If your business doesn't have the right online image, you could miss out on money. A virtual receptionist could actually help things run much smoother.
If your business doesn’t have the right online image, you could miss out on money. A virtual receptionist could actually help things run much smoother.
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This term is thrown around a lot online. It refers to tools that collect information and delivers it to you as it happens. It’s common in any type of content marketing strategy, and it is an absolute necessity for any effective marketing campaign.

Where does the information come from?

  • It comes from things such as follower counts, comments, and page views. It is the stuff you should care about if you are trying to grow your image online.
  • Your receptionist can collect useful information as well. Especially if it’s a virtual receptionist like the ones at With individualized service, they can collect custom information from your callers and send you a daily report.
  • Want to know what is on your customer’s minds? Post your phone number online. Don’t worry- you won’t have to talk to them. Your receptionist can take down all of the messages.

Speaking of Business Phone Numbers

If you are planning a content marketing strategy for your business, you probably aren’t thinking about promoting your phone number. You should be. If they can’t find your number, how will they call?

If you have a phone number on your website, that is not enough. What happens while your site is not showing up in a search yet? The result is people who cannot find that number. There’s no reason why you couldn’t promote the number on its own!

In my blog post, 5 Ways to Optimize Your Smith Number, I discuss ways to help you do just that so that people can find you. To do this online, I suggest creating business profiles on Yelp and Google that include your phone number. However, that’s not the only way.

When using a receptionist, you can place your phone number at the bottom of blog posts or articles as well. Talk about not being afraid to connect with your readers!

Your Receptionist Can Bring Value to Your Brand

These are just some of the ways that show how a virtual receptionist service can improve your content marketing strategies. Depending on your creativity, the possibilities can be endless.

See, your receptionist is more valuable than you may have realized! If you don’t have a receptionist or thought you couldn’t afford one, I’d be happy to set you up with a free trial of our service. Let’s discuss more ways a virtual answering service could help your business goals.

Author Bio:

Jenn Marie is a product specialist at, a call answering service based out of California. She writes about virtual receptionist services, online marketing, and productivity for busy professionals. Read more of her articles at the blog.

October 13, 2015 3 Tips for Reaching Out to Influential Bloggers

Trying to grow your brand online? Savvy business owners understand the value of blogging regularly to grow brands. Many bloggers are quite willing to help your brand grow. Some may blog for/about your brand for free. Others will charge a fee. Either way, reaching out to influential bloggers is key simply because they’ll bring more valuable traffic to your site.

3 Things NOT to Do When Reaching Out to Influential Bloggers

Tips for reaching out to influential bloggers, like popular fashion and beauty power blogger Bethany Mota.
Tips for reaching out to influential bloggers, like popular fashion and beauty power blogger Bethany Mota.
Image Source: Time

Power bloggers are generally busy individuals. So, be careful not to insult them when reaching out to influential bloggers. That means being careful of the method and means you use, as they have the power to tarnish your brand’s reputation online. Here are three tips… three things you should NOT do when trying to get power bloggers to blog for/about your brand:

1. Don’t Waste Their Time

An email that gets straight to the point has a better chance of getting a positive response when reaching out to influential bloggers. Always be straightforward about what your intentions are overall.

2. Don’t Send Bulk Emails

Every power blogger is different from the rest. Some are okay with offers for paid reviews. Others may be insulted. Some may be honored with your invitation to host your podcast or be a featured guest of your webinar. Others may not.

That’s why it’s important that you tailor each email for each individual blogger based on what each enjoys doing online. What types of blog posts does she/he tend to publish to earn a living? Do some research so you can tailor your approach accordingly.

3. Don’t Pass the Research Buck to Interns

Your interns have nowhere near as much passion for your industry as you do. Therefore, they don’t have what it takes to reach out to industry professionals properly. So, do your own research for your emails when reaching out to influential bloggers. Even if you have your interns create the emails, you and only you should be the one who does the final review before sending the emails.

Interested in reaching out to influential bloggers in your industry? The EntreMarketing Group will conduct a market analysis to help you discover just who your industry’s power bloggers are, and how to contact them. Contact Us about getting started on your blogging campaign today.

October 9, 2015 How to Enhance Your Corporate Image Online

We’ve spent the last few weeks discussing corporate image, brand image damage and brand reputation management. If you’ve followed along, you should now be on the right track to building, protecting and managing your brand’s image online. Now, it’s time to move forward. It’s time to enhance your corporate image in order to create a more successful business.

Sources That Help Enhance Corporate Image

Entreprenurial Tips: Learn how to enhance your corporate image today.

So, you’ve already created your brand image, and have taken necessary steps to protect it? Then, you’re on the right track to creating a successful lucrative brand. Now, you need to take very important steps to leverage the positives related to your brand so you can enhance your corporate image in the public’s eye.

What does it take to enhance your corporate image? Basically, the process involves getting the word out about your company’s successes to the widest audience possible. That means making the “positives” about your brand go viral. Some of these positives may include, but are not limited to:

  • Testimonials
  • Awards
  • Mentions
  • Comments
  • Feedback
  • Social Media Posts

3 Ways to Enhance Your Corporate Image Online

Here are three different ways to do your part to take control of your company’s online image branding:

1. Website Appearance

Check out our cool tips to help you enhance your corporate image online.
Check out our cool tips to help you enhance your corporate image online.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Oftentimes, your business website is the very first impression it will make on a potential client. Therefore, it needs to be dynamic and responsive to attract the naked eye. It should also represent your brand as an industry leader willing to share tips, tricks, news and/or resources to make the lives of your target customers better somehow. The most effective way to do this is with a blog… which you should update with relevant, fresh content regularly.

2. Thought Leadership

Does the content you publish on your website and blog and share on social media read like an ongoing commercial? Or, is it educational and informative, actually bringing something to the table to enhance the lives of your target audience? If it reads like spam, most people will “delete” you. So, instead, use various online avenues to publish content that will enhance your corporate image as a thought-provoking, industry-leader.

3. Engaging Social Media Presence

Your brand must have a social media presence these days. However, it’s does no good to have a dormant LinkedIn or Facebook page or accounts you use only for promotions on occasion. Instead, you should be posting regularly on the social media networks where your target audience can be found. You also need to interact and engage with those audiences on a regular basis. Also, don’t forget to use the arenas to push out content that’s relevant to your industry/niche, and valuable to your audience.

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Ready to enhance your corporate image online? Let The EntreMarketing Group provide you with a free website evaluation and create your social media networking plan. Contact Us to get started on your business brand image enhancement strategy today.

October 8, 2015 10 Online Brand Reputation Management Tools – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of this 2-part series. Today, we’re discussing five more online brand reputation management tools that will help you simplify the entire processes involved with managing your brand’s image online…

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6. Backtype

Online Brand Reputation Management Tools help you manage what others are saying about your brand on the Web.
Online Brand Reputation Management Tools help you manage what others are saying about your brand on the Web.
Image Source: flickr

Interested in learning just how social media is impacting your business and its services and products? Register with Backtype, and you’ll get updates related to the online buzz in forums and discussions that mention your services or products.

7. Board Tracker

Community discussion boards and forums are notorious for getting consumers together to buzz about companies and their services or products. With Board Tracker, you can keep up with these online discussion to find out just what others are saying about your brand.

8. Trendrr

Next on the list of online brand reputation management tools is Trendrr. This tool allows you to identify demographics, sentiment, location, volume and influencers related to your brand, product or service. It’s capable of tracking data from e-commerce, video, social media, news aggregators, microblog and blog sites.

9. Brands Eye

BrandsEye is one of the online brand reputation management tools designed specifically to make the lives of business bloggers easier. It does more than just monitor mentions of your brand’s name online. This brand image management tool also gives your brand a score ranking, so you can get an understanding of how it’s ranking in the market overall.

10. BuzzBundle

This multi-platform dashboard helps you track social mentions related to your brand online in real-time. BuzzBundle software also gives you the ability to reply to posts individually, re-tweet tweets, send direct messages and more… right from its dashboard interface.

Utilize the Right Online Brand Reputation Management Tools

Not sure which tools are right for building your brand and managing your brand’s image online? Then, you need a brand building specialists to help. The EntreMarketing Group will help you build a brand you can be proud of online. Contact The EntreMarketing Group to gets started choosing the right online brand reputation management tools for you today.

October 7, 2015 10 Online Brand Reputation Management Tools – Part 1

Interested in automating the way you manage your business brand online? Well, we’ve stumbled across 10 online brand reputation management tools to help you stay in control with simplicity and ease. Check them out.

1. Google Alerts

Let's discuss 10 Online Brand Reputation Management Tools to help you simplify the process.
Let’s discuss 10 Online Brand Reputation Management Tools to help you simplify the process.
Image Source: Octane

When it comes to online brand reputation management tools, Google Alerts is one of the simplest on the market. It’s also one of the pioneers in the industry, making it a trustworthy resource. You can create alerts for various search terms, and get notifications when they’re mentioned online. Search your business name, the company CEO’s name, your service, etc… and see what you get.

2. Google Discussions

Google Discussions works similarly to Google web searches. However, instead of searching for content containing keywords, this brand management tool searches for discussions on blogs and forums related to your brand, business, service, product, etc…

3. Social Mention

This is one of the handy online brand reputation management tools that helps you track what’s being said about your brand in various social media networks. With Social Mention, you’ll get links to different posts that mention your brand online, plus you’ll learn what keywords are being used most often in those posts.

4. Who’s Talking

This is a social media search engine tool. It helps you rind images, videos, online conversations and more essential to various keywords. With Who’s Talking, you can limit the mention results to a specific social media network or a combination of multiple networks.

5. Technorati

Technorati is one of the online brand reputation management tools that actually help you develop your business, services and products. It’s especially useful if you have a business blog that you maintain on your own. This free service helps you track forums, videos, stories, articles and blogs that mention your brand, business name, etc… That way, you can track what people are saying about your company online.

Get Assistance with Online Brand Reputation Management Tools

Not sure where to start with managing your company’s online image? The EntreMarketing Group offers free brand building consultations to help you start in the right direction. Contact The EntreMarketing Group about customizing an online brand reputation management package for you today.

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October 6, 2015 5 Benefits of Online Brand Reputation Management

How do you optimize your brand’s online reputation? Is there a cost-efficient, effective way to get it done without taking up all of your time? Online brand reputation management tools are not only effective, most help to automate the processes, as well.

So, what are some of the best online reputation management tools on the market right now? Well, we’ll discuss those over the next couple of days. In the meantime, let’s go over some of the benefits of using these tools to manage your brand’s online reputation.

Simplifying Your Brand’s Online Reputation Management

Never underestimate the power of Online Brand Reputation Management for putting your business on the track to success.
Never underestimate the power of Online Brand Reputation Management for putting your business on the track to success.
Image Source: Don’t Punch A Clock

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners have no idea how important their brand’s online reputations are to their success (or failure). Therefore, they just don’t recognize the essence of the entire concept of brand reputation management.

Do you plan to set your brand apart from… and above the rest? If so, then the time to start considering your customers’ opinions about your business is now. These are the core tasks that must be carried out in order for you to build a successful and lucrative brand. And, that’s what online brand reputation management is all about:

  • Promote positive emotions others feel about your brand
  • Continuously remain active within social media on your company’s behalf
  • Track social media conversations and online news related to your brand
  • Take part industry-related online discussions that could boost your brand’s image

5 Benefits of Online Brand Reputation Management

Entrepreneurs and small business owners can benefit from various tools that help to simplify online brand reputation management. Here are five benefits of managing your brand’s reputation online:

  1. Tell Your Very Best Story – Allows you to manage the message the public receives about your products, services, profiles, business and brand
  2. Remove the Negative and Irrelevant – Helps you push the irrelevant and negative content about your brand “down” in search engine results
  3. Cost Effective – Managing your brand’s reputation is much more cost effective than scrambling to “fix” your reputation due to brand image damage
  4. Promotes Positive Digital Word-of-Mouth – Digital buzz spreads like wildfire, and can continue spreading forever… make sure the digital buzz about your brand is positive by managing it yourself
  5. Keep Control Over Google Rankings – The Top 10 search engine results are the ones viewed most… online brand reputation management helps you control how and where your brand ranks for relevant, primary SEO keywords

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Sound too complicated? Or, are you simply too busy running your small business to managing your own online reputation? The EntreMarketing Group customizes affordable brand management packages for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the US. Contact The EntreMarketing Group about your online brand management today.

October 5, 2015 3 Things That Can Cause Brand Image Damage

What is brand image damage? Basically, it’s when your company’s brand looks bad in the eyes of consumers due to negative feedback, comments, reviews, rumors, etc… There are times when a negative brand can be reversed. But, it takes quite a bit of Effective Corporate Image Protection planning. However, it’s always best to know some dos and don’ts to avoid developing a bad brand image in the first place.

3 Factors That Cause Brand Image Damage for Businesses

Look out for these issues to avoid suffering from brand image damage:

1. Letting Your Ideas Get Stolen

Bad customer service is one of the top factors known to cause brand image damage for businesses.
Bad customer service is one of the top factors known to cause brand image damage for businesses.
Image Source: Q107

Is your service or product super-unique and awesome? Then, you may want to trademark it. Your trademarked solution will become your company’s identity. With the right marketing, people will come to recognize your brand at-a-glance. This is a great preventive measure for brand image damage control.

2. Bad Customer Service

Never forget the golden rule of business… “The customer is always right.” Even when your customer is absolutely, positively wrong, never say it to her/his face. That’s one of the quickest way to lose that customer forever. No matter what, always remain calm, smile and use good manners. And, make sure all of your customer service agents are well-trained and skilled with all aspects of customer care. Word of mouth travels fast. Viral negativity travels even faster. So, avoid having to deal with brand image damage control by simply providing good customer service.

3. Allowing Negativity to Go Public

Negative information about your brand can destroy its image forever. So, never share info related to slow sales, low profits or any other negative business factors with outsiders. Just stay positive-minded, enthusiastic and dedicated. If not, as soon as your brand’s issues go public, you may never… ever… be able to turn that negative brand image around again.

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Don’t let your company take a downfall due to brand image damage. Turn your business brand image around with Effective Corporate Image Protection Plan. Contact The EntreMarketing Group about developing a customized image branding plan for your company today.

September 30, 2015 2 Studies That Prove Effective Corporate Image Protection Works

There are numerous studies out there on corporate image. And, they all come to the same conclusion: Businesses that create good images and have effective corporate image protection plans in place have much higher success levels. Let’s take a look at two studies that prove this theory to be true.

2 Corporate Image Protection Plans That Worked

Check out these two studies that show how effective really good corporate image protection plans can be for building a re-branding brands, according to Ira Kalb of Huffington Post:

1. Opinion Research Studies

Studies conducted by Opinion Research show that 87% of consumers choose products or services from a company with the better corporate image reputation when choosing between similar products and services. Another of its studies shows that businesses that develop solid reputations through good customer service, make 25% to 85% more profits.

2. Marriott Study

Corporate Image Protection Plans help you rebuild your brand after negative things have happened.
Corporate Image Protection Plans help you rebuild your brand after negative things have happened.
Image Source: Wikipedia

Susan Cook and Roger Dow describe the research conducted on Marriott in their book entitled Turned On. The study was done to identify which of the hotel chain’s guests planned to stay there again in the future.

The guests were divided up into three groups, which shows how various corporate image protection plans:

  • Group A – No negative incidents happened during their stays
  • Group B – Something negative happened, but was corrected by Marriott
  • Group C – Something negative happened, but the problem was not corrected by Marriott

These were the results… the percentage of guests within each group that actually planned to stay at the Marriott again someday:

  • Group A – 89%
  • Group B – 94%
  • Group C – 69%

As you can see, the group with the highest percentage of people planning to return was Group B. For this group, something negative happened, but was transformed into positive by the Marriott. Now, that’s the perfect example of effective corporate image protection.

Developing Your Corporate Image Protection Plan

Is your brand suffering from negative feedback or negative online reviews? An effective corporate image protection plan can counteract that negativity quickly. The EntreMarketing Group helps brands establish plans to protect corporate images. Contact Us about building your brand image plan today.

September 17, 2015 5 Big Corporations That Needed Brand Image Damage Control

Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner managing your own brand image? Well, the worst nightmare you may ever suffer, business-wise, is a damaged brand image. And, with all that goes into running your business each day, who wants that threat looming in the air? So, what can you do to protect the image of your brand? If something does happen to it negatively, brand image damage control is the key.

5 Big Corporations That Suffered Brand Image Damage Control Issues

Need to put your company's image back on the right track? Try brand image damage control.
Need to put your company’s image back on the right track? Try brand image damage control.
Image Source: Segi SJ Blog

Brand image damage control just may be the key to turn a negative corporate image around. It takes time, but it works. Here are five big corporations that suffered brand image damage for various reasons, according to Huffington Post:

  1. Subway – Jared Fogle left the Subway brand’s image suffering because of child pornography and teen sex charges
  2. NFL – DeflateGate AKA Ballghazi put the NFL brand’s image in jeopardy thanks to the New England Patriots allegedly tampering with footballs
  3. Justin Beiber – Drinking, partying, underage drinkers, lashing out a paparazzi, marijuana, stun gun, Selena Gomez issues, urinating in a mop bucket, spitting at fans over a balcony, disrespecting former President Bill Clinton, etc… All bad for the Justin Beiber brand image.
  4. Congress – The GOP Shutdown… need we say more?
  5. Uber – Some of the situations that have brought damage (although quite minor) to Uber’s image include: Taxi cab driver protests, customer injuries and customer privacy issues. But, the company’s brand is so loved by consumers that use its services that it’s been pretty easy to implement brand image damage control programs to correct problems.

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Does your company need brand image damage control? The EntreMarketing Group has a great reputation for building and re-building brand’s online. Contract The EntreMarketing Group about helping your recreate a positive image for your brand today.

September 16, 2015 3 Steps to Protecting Your Corporate Image Effectively

Your brand’s image is very important to its future success… or failure. One way to protecting your corporate image is to take charge of it before your competition creates one for you. Then, once you’ve created a brand image you can be proud of, you need to protect it from others who mean your image no good. Let’s explore this a bit.

3 Strategies to Protecting Your Corporate Image the Right Way

Learn the 3 most important steps to protecting your corporate image the right way.
Learn the 3 most important steps to protecting your corporate image the right way.
Image Source: Apple Capital Group

Protecting your corporate image is key to staying in control of how your target market thinks about and feels about your brand. As in all situations, the more success your brand experiences, the more you’ll notice jealousy from your competitors, irate customers and others with agendas targeted at bringing down your brand. Use these three strategies to help you protect the image of your corporation effectively:

  1. Rumor Protection Strategy – Experiencing corporate image damage related to false statements and untruths? These three steps will help:
    • Don’t help by publicizing the false statements or rumors
    • Promote the direct opposite of whatever the rumor is saying, being careful to never actually mention the rumor itself
    • Provide your target audience with verifiable, undeniable proof in order to support what you’re promoting
  2. Fact Protection Strategy – In the case of negative information out in the world related to something you actually did wrong, use these three strategies to help with protecting your corporate image:
    • Admit to your mistakes and genuinely apologize
    • Put the mistake in perspective to limit the scope of what your target audience hears… sees… believes… remembers
    • Come up with an effective solution to ensure that the mistake will very unlikely occur again
  3. Transform Negatives into Positives – Because no person (or brand) is perfect, negative transactions and misunderstandings will occur between you, your brand and your target market. Just remain calm, and do what it takes in order transform the negatives into positives while protecting your corporate image. This will effectively help your brand image in two ways:
    • Neutralizes the negative situation before it becomes powerful enough to damage your corporate image
    • Helps you develop a closer, more intimate relationship with the consumers who actually feel they’ve been “wronged” by your organization

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Ready to put effective strategies in place in order to help you with protecting your corporate image. The EntreMarketing Group will help you build a brand your target market will appreciate, while protecting that image from harm. Contact The EntreMarketing Group about creating a customized image branding package for your small business today.