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December 22, 2015 Content Marketing Tips from Your Receptionist… Bringing Value to Your Brand

You didn’t know your receptionist did that, did you? Well, a receptionist can be a surprisingly good source of content marketing strategies and inspiration.

This is because these front line agents know what your customers are concerned about and they probably have it written on a sticky note somewhere. Customer feedback is extremely valuable. Why wouldn’t you use that information for good?

Receptionists Provide Real – Time Analytics

If your business doesn't have the right online image, you could miss out on money. A virtual receptionist could actually help things run much smoother.
If your business doesn’t have the right online image, you could miss out on money. A virtual receptionist could actually help things run much smoother.
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This term is thrown around a lot online. It refers to tools that collect information and delivers it to you as it happens. It’s common in any type of content marketing strategy, and it is an absolute necessity for any effective marketing campaign.

Where does the information come from?

  • It comes from things such as follower counts, comments, and page views. It is the stuff you should care about if you are trying to grow your image online.
  • Your receptionist can collect useful information as well. Especially if it’s a virtual receptionist like the ones at With individualized service, they can collect custom information from your callers and send you a daily report.
  • Want to know what is on your customer’s minds? Post your phone number online. Don’t worry- you won’t have to talk to them. Your receptionist can take down all of the messages.

Speaking of Business Phone Numbers

If you are planning a content marketing strategy for your business, you probably aren’t thinking about promoting your phone number. You should be. If they can’t find your number, how will they call?

If you have a phone number on your website, that is not enough. What happens while your site is not showing up in a search yet? The result is people who cannot find that number. There’s no reason why you couldn’t promote the number on its own!

In my blog post, 5 Ways to Optimize Your Smith Number, I discuss ways to help you do just that so that people can find you. To do this online, I suggest creating business profiles on Yelp and Google that include your phone number. However, that’s not the only way.

When using a receptionist, you can place your phone number at the bottom of blog posts or articles as well. Talk about not being afraid to connect with your readers!

Your Receptionist Can Bring Value to Your Brand

These are just some of the ways that show how a virtual receptionist service can improve your content marketing strategies. Depending on your creativity, the possibilities can be endless.

See, your receptionist is more valuable than you may have realized! If you don’t have a receptionist or thought you couldn’t afford one, I’d be happy to set you up with a free trial of our service. Let’s discuss more ways a virtual answering service could help your business goals.

Author Bio:

Jenn Marie is a product specialist at, a call answering service based out of California. She writes about virtual receptionist services, online marketing, and productivity for busy professionals. Read more of her articles at the blog.

October 20, 2015 8 Tips to Transform Your Content from Good to Outstanding – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of this 2-part series on how to transform your content into something outstanding your target audience will love. Your ultimate goal as a small business owner is to make money. This requires creating a level of trust with your audience. Then, when they’re ready to buy, they’ll choose you, their trustworthy source of reliable, useful, relevant information.

Read 8 Tips to Transform Your Content from Good to Outstanding – Part 1

4. Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Check out these valuable Tips to Transform Your Content from Good to Outstanding
Check out these valuable Tips to Transform Your Content from Good to Outstanding
Image Source: Digital Doughnut

According to Copyblogger:

“80% of people will read your headline, but only 20% will read the entire article to completion.”

Your headline’s only purpose is to get readers to continue reading the rest of your article. Do your headlines accomplish this task? A Wired Study suggests that you can cause traffic to a specific article to vary by 50% just by changing its title.

5. Publish Value and Solutions

Did you pose a question? Was it answered within the content? Did you make a promise in your title? Was it delivered? Have you given your readers actionable steps to take in order to accomplish something you promised to help them accomplish?

Remember, your products and/or services are to represented as solutions to your target audience’s problems. Therefore, your content should bring just as much value.

6. Include Relevant, High-Quality, Interesting Pictures

To this day, pictures still speak a thousand words… maybe even more. Images transform your text content into something more visually appealing by breaking up text. Blog images may include the featured image, images within and throughout the content, cartoons, memes, infographics, etc…

7. Post Easily Scannable Content

According to Nielsen Norman Group studies, the typical person online will read only about 20% to 28% of an article. Then, they simply scan the remainder of the article looking for useful info to jump out at them. When they spot something that interests them, then and only then will the read it in detail.

That means your content needs to be easily scannable so the “stuff” they find interesting will capture their scanning attention. These are some of the tools to use to make your doc easily scannable:

  • Subheadings
  • Images
  • Pull-Quotes
  • Bullet Points
  • Numbered Lists

8. Write Using Your “Positive” Brand Voice

You add to your brand identity each and every time you engage with a customer or reader in-person, online, via phone call or email. That image can be uplifted or damaged based on what employees, customers, consumers and others say/feel about your brand.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your content gives readers a positive message about your brand. This positive voice needs to flow within webpages, blog posts, articles, social media posts, press releases, and so much more!

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Ready to transform your content from good to outstanding? The EntreMarketing Group will help you repurpose your old content to make it relevant and useful again. We will also customize a content marketing package to help your brand’s image. Contact Us about your content marketing strategy today!

October 19, 2015 8 Tips to Transform Your Content from Good to Outstanding – Part 1

Over 200 million emails get sent out each and every minute, according to a HubSpot report? Plus, every minute of every day, 2.5 million content pieces get shared on Facebook, 220,000 pics go up on Instagram and 72 hours’ worth of videos get uploaded onto YouTube. With that much content going up every single minute of the day, shouldn’t you transform your content from good to outstanding to make sure it gets noticed?

8 Tricks to Transform Your Content into Outstanding Works

So, what should you do? How do you go about transforming good content into outstanding content? Aaron Agius of HubSpot gives us his take:

“When I’m creating content, I use a checklist of 10 key signals to help me decide whether I’ve created something that is great … or merely good. Only after I’ve addressed every single point on this checklist am I confident that the content I’ve created is the absolute best possible and fit for release.”

Don't just rewrite it... TRANSFORM your content.
Don’t just rewrite it… TRANSFORM your content.

1. Only Publish Original

Very few new ideas come to the Internet. So, chances are, whatever content you’re writing, more than likely, it’s not a 100% original idea. Therefore, in order to transform your content into something outstanding, it needs to have a unique spin to it. Don’t just spin someone else’s article. Add other info to it… quotes, sources, etc…

2. Make Content Easy to Find

How do you transform your content into something your potential clients consistently bumps into online? That requires the use of GOOD OLE’ SEO.

Don’t know SEO? Just think about various terms and phrases you’d use to search for what you’re writing online. Then, simply insert those terms and phrases (SEO KEYWORDS) into your content. If nothing else, at least optimize your title and URL?

3. Target Your Content

Not every single person on the planet is going to want your service or product… or visit the site you’re marketing for that matter. So, you must understand exactly who you should be targeting with your content (YOUR TARGET MARKET). Then, be sure to create content that’s been specifically created just for them.

There’s no point in publishing content that brings in an audience that will never buy what you’re selling. You need to transform your content into something that actually brings value to the lives of your target readers.

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Tune in tomorrow for Part 2!

October 12, 2015 4 Factors to Help You Become an Influential Blogger

Interested in becoming an influential blogger within your industry or niche? If you’re willing to blog regularly, and provide valuable information to your blog audience, you too can become an influencer among your target audience. This will require knowing who your target audience is, what they’re passionate about, what their needs are and how you can help fulfill those needs.

In other words, how can your brand bring value to their lives? Can the products or services you provide actually improve the lives of your readers? Do you have expertise, information, data, stories, etc… that can help them solve problems they’ve been seeking answers for online? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, your audience will embrace you. And, you will soon become an influential blogger in your industry and/or niche.

4 Factors Considered When Determining Influential Blogger Ranking

Ileane Smith is an influential blogger who provides free tips to help her readers improve relationships with their own audiences to maximize online earnings.
Ileane Smith is an influential blogger who provides free tips to help her readers improve relationships with their own audiences to maximize online earnings.
Image Source: ileane/twitter

The role of an influential blogger has evolved over the years. So, the way the ranking of an influencer is graded has also evolved. Here are four factors that are still generally used across the board to determine the influence a blogger has over her/his audience:

1. Website, Blog and Social Media Traffic

Traffic stats present a very efficient snapshot of just how many people a particular influential blogger is actually reaching each day. These numbers come from website and blog traffic, as well as traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and other social media networks.

2. Unique Brand Solutions

Your objective as an influential blogger is to help your audience members solve problems they’re having. If your solutions (products/services) are unique and original, your influence will be great, as your competition will be low or non-existent.

3. The “It” Factor

Do you or your brand have that “it” factor… that special something that immediately captures the attention of consumers? A good example of a brand with the “it” factor these days would be Uber. People love its unique service, the “rebel” attitude of its leaders, even the logo and the way the word roles off their tongues.

4. Google News Headliners

If you’re somehow able to get your blog accepted as a Google News source, you’ll see a major boost in traffic almost overnight. Keep providing the quality content Google saw when approving you, and you’re on your way to becoming a major player… and influential blogger in your industry.

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Ready to become an influential blogger but don’t have a website yet? The EntreMarketing Group creates professional websites for entrepreneurs and small business owners hoping to blog their way to success. Contact Us about starting your blog for you today.


July 14, 2015 3 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Improve Your Brand’s Online Image

You’ve probably heard the term “build your brand online” numerous times by now. But, do you know that you can use content marketing to improve your brand’s online image? Whether you’re a new startup, established local brick-and-mortar company or an internet-based business, your image is very important. If your brand’s image has been damaged, or you just want to spin it in a different direction, content marketing is the way to go.

3 Tips to Improve Your Brand’s Online Image Using Valuable Content

Improve your brand's online image using relevant, unique and valuable content.
Improve your brand’s online image using relevant, unique and valuable content.
Image Source: flickr

1. Use Content Marketing to Build Trust for Your Brand

By providing your target market with content that actually helps them solve problem, you increase your brand’s awareness. The more valuable content you provide, the more they grow to trust you as an industry expert.

2. Use Content Marketing to Communicate with Your Audience

Content helps you communicate with your audience. It shows them that you know and understand what they’re going through, and enjoy providing solutions to their problems. And, when the content is provided on social media, you increase the chances of them engaging with you online. This helps to improve your brand’s online image.

3. Use Content Marketing to Counter Negative Online Publicity

Are there some bad reviews online about your products or services? Has your brand caught a bad rap because of some mistakes made in the past? Well, with the help of good SEO services, you can counter that negativity with positive stories and informative content. This is called Reputation Management.

It takes some time to rebuild a positive image using content marketing for your reputation management. Hiring a professional marketing firm like The EntreMarketing Group will ensure that it’s done effectively. Contact The EntreMarketing Group about creating a customized content marketing package to help improve your brand’s online image today.

July 13, 2015 5 Steps to Building a Startup Using Valuable Content

Most entrepreneurs start a new business with a service or product. Then, they create a marketing plan to monetize it later. This process works as long as that plan includes valuable content. Building a startup successfully means determining who your target market is and what they need. Creating a successful branding strategy requires creating content that brings value to that target market.

How to Create Content That Helps with Building a Startup in 5 Easy Steps

Building a Startup that grows to be successful requires content that actually creates value.
Building a Startup that grows to be successful requires content that actually creates value.
Image Source: flickr
  1. Determine your specific expertise. Some marketers call this the sweet spot. It’s the place that resides between your skills/knowledge and your passion.
  2. Create content that distinguishes your brand. You can find an entrepreneur building a startup just about every day. So, you have to make yours standout. For example, Australian food scientist Ann Reardon doesn’t simply blog about food recipes. Instead, she sets her brand apart by blogging about “impossible food creations.”
  3. Figure out the type of content you’d like to create. You can start building a startup around videos, audios, cartoons, memes, blog or any other content you decide on first. Then, you have to determine the platform you’ll use for distributing/publishing the content… your blog, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, social media, etc…
  4. Build your audience. Get your target customers to “follow” you, “subscribe” to your content, etc… These are called conversions. If these leads are nurtured properly, they’ll lead to sales conversions as well.
  5. Monetize. Figure out exactly what your audience needs in order to trust you. Then, you can use that need to create content and tools that leads to successful monetization. This may be advice, eBooks, webinars networking events, free products, discount coupons, etc…

Building a startup into a successful business venture requires effective marketing efforts. The EntreMarketing Group helps small business owners create online marketing plans that work. Call 888-507-2191 or contact The EntreMarketing Group about customizing a content marketing strategy for your small business today.

July 9, 2015 Use Content Marketing to Speak to Your Prospects in Their Own Language

How often do you find yourself reading stuff online that doesn’t really relate to issues you’re currently facing in your life? If so, it’s probably not that often. Well, the same rings true for consumers, who are generally online seeking solutions to current problems. That’s why you need to speak to your prospects in a language they can understand… they’re own.

How to Speak to Your Prospects So They’ll Actually Hear You

For example, let’s say you own a marketing firm with a target market of US small businesses. If your content uses professional marketing terms like “quantitative analysis”, you may be turning potential customers away. Terms like these simply do not resonate with small business owners, unless their industry niche is marketing.

Instead, you want to use words that actually hit your prospects’ pain points when you speak to your prospects. This helps to invoke much more peaceful feelings, creating a relationship of trust with your target market. The end result is increased engagement throughout the entire buying cycle. Therefore, a phrases like “return on investment” would work better to capture the attention of your audience.

How to Speak to Your Prospects: Learn to Speak Your Audience's Language
Learn to Speak Your Audience’s Language
Image Source: Flickr

In other words, communicate with your audience using your problem-solving voice. That way, your prospects can clearly see the true value your solution will bring to their lives.

Your Content Must be a Valuable Lifeline

Speak to your prospects using content that actually stands out among all the other noise and average content. This improves your marketing approach, encouraging prospects to share your content with others. You’ll not only increase your online leads, you extend the reach of your brand’s voice online.

When you speak to your prospects using valuable content, you help your customers through:

  • Discovery
  • Nurturing
  • Engagement
  • Pleasure

Content is essential for discovering, engaging, nurturing and delighting customers.  The bottom line is that making your content relevant and unique increases your engagement impact and your marketing results.

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July 8, 2015 Content Marketing: Engaging Your Audience with Help and Guidance

Want to engage your prospects online? Well, it could be as simple as giving them new tips and answering burning questions related to your niche. But, in order to do this effectively, you need to understand the issues they’re facing ahead of time. That way, you can directly address those key points within your content. This is what engaging your audience online is all about these days.

The Purpose of Helpful Content for Engaging Your Audience

If your content is actually helpful, it will help with literally engaging your audience. Useful content also enriches the experiences of your customers by giving them specific types of information:

  • How To
  • Ideas
  • New Perspectives
Engaging your audience with useful content is the key to lead conversions.
Engaging your audience with useful content is the key to lead conversions.

As humans, our brains have actually been preconditioned to think about ways to ease pain. However, they also form thoughts and retain information. When you help your prospects identify the actual pain they’re suffering, and the benefits of a specific solution, you improve your lead conversion rates. Engaging your audience with visuals, metaphors and useful examples improves these rates even more.

Just be sure NOT to talk about the greatness of your service or product, or the functions and features of your solution. That type of sales-driven content turns your audience away.

Engaging Your Audience with a Single Opportunity or Pain Point

For your content to perform at its absolute best, it needs to address a specific pain point or need. It must speak directly to your online prospects and what they’re going through at that time.

TMI (too much information) can cause the minds of your audience members to digress from the original need. It may also confuse them, which takes them off the intended topic, how to solve a current problem. This decreases engagement, also decreasing chances of lead conversion.

Ready to engage your prospects with content that truly matters? The EntreMarketing Group will customize an online marketing package specifically designed for your online audience. Call 888-507-2191 or contact The EntreMarketing Group about customizing a content marketing strategy for your small business today.

July 7, 2015 5 Content Marketing Principles that are Killing Traditional Marketing

In the olden days, TV, radio and mailings were the only way for small businesses to reach potential customers. Thankfully, those are days of the past. Yet, many old-school business owners are still tossing dollars to the wind with these costly, ineffective traditional marketing strategies.

You need to understand just how inefficient traditional marketing is in comparison to online marketing. Look at it like this:

  • Old traditional marketing is like a Huffy Beach Cruiser
  • Online marketing is like a Ducati Motorcycle

5 Principles of Content Marketing that Make It So Effective

Content marketing is killing traditional marketing, causing it to die a long, slow death.
Content marketing is killing traditional marketing, causing it to die a long, slow death.
  1. Content Marketing pushes instead of pulling. The concept of content marketing is about giving your target audience something that actually brings value to their lives. This creates a long-lasting relationship of trust. So, when they’re ready to buy, they’ll come back to you.
  2. Content Marketing is current and relevant. Unlike traditional marketing, good content keeps your audience keen on relevant issues, hot topics and trends. For example, a movement dedicated to #EmpoweringYoungGirls can write a piece about First Lady Michelle Obama making major changes in the White House. Then, publish that content on the same day she Mrs. Obama announces that cameras are now allowed on White House tours.
  3. Content Marketing both educates and entertains. This is the key to creating valuable relationships with your target audience. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, shoves the advertising message down the audience’s throat.

Creating Effective Content for Your Marketing Approach

When Traditional Marketing Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

When creating content for your online marketing strategy, be sure it has personality. Don’t be afraid to show your human side, versus the “commercial-ality” that comes with traditional marketing ads. Your audience needs to be able to relate to you if you want them to “follow you”, “like” your content and “share” it with others.

Tired of spending unnecessary dollars on traditional marketing? An online marketing plan from The EntreMarketing Group is a much more effective approach. Call 888-507-2191 or contact The EntreMarketing Group about customizing a content marketing strategy for your small business today.

July 3, 2015 Where to Promote Content on Social Media Platforms

In this week’s series, we’ve already discussed both when and how to promote content on social media. Today, we go over some tips on where to promote content on social media platforms. The goal is to help you share content the right way, in order to actually gain valuable clicks from your audience.

Simply copying and pasting your content links on every social media platform just won’t do it. So, it’s important to know where you’ll get the best audience engagement for your content.

Figuring Out Where to Promote Content on Social Media

Let’s say a VIP colleague asked you to meet her in Atlanta, GA for a networking event. Most people have a good idea of how to get to Atlanta. But, once they arrive, there will be massive amounts of locations for your potential networking location. So, you’ll need much more to go on in order to actually find the location where you’ll meet your colleague. If not, you’ll ever find each other.

Learn where to promote content on social media platforms for better exposure.
Learn where to promote content on social media platforms for better exposure.
Image Source: stockdaledesigns/deviantart

When deciding where to promote content on social media platforms, look at it the exact same way. These are the places where you need to share your content for better online exposure:

1. Share with Your Own Social Media Networks

Once you determine which social media networks are best for reaching your target market, you’re ready to start posting. Share your website, blog, news, sales and other content directly on your social platform. Make sure to make each post unique in order to effectively reach your intended audience on each platform.

2. Promote Content in Relevant Social Media Groups

Each individual social media platform has various groups and communities. Each one has its own specific niche. Find some that are relevant to your brand’s niche and participate in those discussions sometimes. Do NOT spam the groups with your sales messages. Instead, share valuable content relevant to the niche. Make sure anything you share in these social media groups will actually bring value to the groups and the lives of its members.

3. Leverage Your Social Media Profiles

Here are a few tips for leveraging your profiles to promote content on social media platforms:

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Now that you have this new information to promote content on social media, how will you use it to your advantage? Share your tips in the comments below. Click here to discuss a customized social media marketing approach for your business with The EntreMarketing Group today.