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June 5, 2015 DIY Corporate Credit Series: Get Your DUNS Number Free

Do you know that you can get your DUNS number free directly from Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)? There are companies that charge for making the process simpler for you. But, you can do-it-yourself in just a few steps in a matter of minutes. We provide you with step-by-step DIY instructions for getting a free DUNS number for your organization.

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3 Steps to Get Your DUNS Number Free

  1. Make sure your company doesn’t already have a DUNS number. Call D&B’s toll-free number at 866-705-5711 to see if you’ve already been assigned a DUNS number in the past. If you prefer to check online, move on to step two.
  2. Register to use iUpdate. You must register with D&B’s iUpdate system as an executive officer for your organization to get your DUNS number free. The system will make you do a search to ensure that you don’t already have one. If you don’t see your organization’s exact name, click “Get a D-U-N-S Number” to continue. You’ll be required to enter the following information:
    1. Personal Information
    2. Company Information
    3. Choose Processing Options – Pay for 5-day expedited service, or get your DUNS number free in about 30 days.
  3. Receive your DUNS number via email. Check out the video below for a visual walk-thru to get your free DUNS number directly from Dun & Bradstreet.

Video: How to get a Duns Number Video Tutorial – eSRS Training

The video below will give you a visual walk-thru of how to obtain a free D&B DUNS number online. It was uploaded to YouTube by eSRSTraining:

Dun & Bradstreet Business Practices

Just like any other organization, D&B is in business to make money. So, a D&B sales representative will contact you in an effort to sell you various solutions. You may be told that you must purchase a credit builder program solution in order to build your corporate credit profile. This is simply not true.

Once you begin applying for corporate credit from organizations that run D&B credit reports, this alone will build your business credit for you. Pay your corporate creditors, vendors and suppliers on time, and your business credit profile will grow. So, save yourself some money and get your DUNS number free online.

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