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Your website needs to stay fresh, with a crisp, clean layout and images. Fresh websites pull in more traffic than those riddled with garbled data and slow loading times. Sometimes, all your site needs is a quick update. But, then again, there may be something wrong that must be fixed in order to get your site back up to par. The Entre Marketing Group offers Website Maintenance Services to improve your site’s performance and usability.

Hiring a Website Mechanic VS Learning to be a Mechanic

Most entrepreneurs and business owners are much too busy for website maintenance. This requires taking time off from running your business, training employees, quality control and customer service to learn the ins and outs of the backend of your website. Outsourcing your website maintenance services frees you up to take care of your business, while The Entre Marketing Group maintains your website.

Look at it like this: When your car breaks down, do you take a course to learn how to fix it, or do you hire a mechanic to get the job done right? Well, think of us as your website mechanics.

Website Maintenance Services Provided

These are just some of the website maintenance services provided by The Entre Marketing Group:

  • Regular Website Updates
  • Clean Up Coding
  • Software Patches
  • CMS Software Updates
  • Optimize Images
  • Product Loading for Online Stores
  • Updating SEO on Existing Content
  • Correcting Grammar and Typos
  • Adding Social Media Share Buttons

Benefits of Website Maintenance Services

Website maintenance isn’t always necessary. But, there are times when it’s an absolute must in order to increase your site’s performance. Here are some major benefits of outsourcing your website maintenance to The Entre Marketing Group:

  • Increased Speeds and Page Load Times
  • Improves Your Brand’s Image
  • Eliminate Experience-Related Downtime
  • Allows Content to Come Across as Fresh and Clean
  • Increased Security with Software Updates
  • Frees Up Your Time to Run Your Business Properly
  • Communicate Better with Search Engines by Removing Unnecessary Coding

Costs of Website Maintenance from The Entre Marketing Group

Website maintenance can take up at least three or more hours each month to keep your site fresh. As a busy business owner, that’s time you simply do not have. Who’s going to run your business while you do maintenance on your site?

That’s why The Entre Marketing Group has created Website Marketing Packages to suit various needs. Check out the packages below:

Singe Hour – $50.00

Bronze Level (3 Hours) – $99.00

Silver Level (6 Hours)$199.00

Gold Level (10 Hours) – $299.00

Let a Professional Mechanic Do the Work

Leaving your site looking dry and unkempt will only turn visitors away. And, slow loading times are turn-offs for both visitors to your site, as well as search engines crawling your site.

Don’t spend time taking courses and Googling all day trying to find fixes and patches for your website. Let us be your website mechanics, and we’ll maintain your site’s quality and performance from behind the scenes, without breaking the bank. Contact The Entre Marketing Group to schedule your Website Maintenance Consultation today.


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