Entrepreneur Marketing Tips: How Can Community Content Help Your Real Estate Business Thrive?

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Ever heard of Community Content? Well, it’s a hot trend for real estate business marketing in 2015. If you’re a real estate agent, broker or any other type of real estate professional, this type of online content can really drive traffic to your website, blog and virtual tours.

What is Community Content?

The definition of community content is fairly easy to understand. It is essentially content about what is happening in your town or local community. When coming up with this kind of local-oriented content, you want to report on local people, places things, and especially local events.

For real estate blogs, this big event could be:

  • New construction development that will make your community better
  • New business opening up in the area that will create new jobs
  • Celebrity moving in to the local area, which could effect property values

Benefits of Community Content for Real Estate Professionals

Community Content brings local SEO, local blogging and local online marketing to the forefront. This helps to increase your local online traffic, as well as brick-and-mortar traffic.

Community Content brings local SEO, local blogging and local online marketing to the forefront. This helps to increase your local online traffic, as well as brick-and-mortar traffic.
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The main purpose of community content is to engage the audience. It shows that you know everything about your local community, which helps increase your brand’s awareness with your audience. This type of blog content is great for real estate professionals for these three reasons:

  • SEO Value – It provides you with great SEO value. Let’s say someone is searching for a local event that happened, and our real estate blog was the one that covered the event immediately. Your quickness can drive a great source of traffic to your real estate site with the right keywords.
  • Social Engagement – Community content is perfect for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Many people love reading what’s going on in their local communities on social networks. Just, don’t forget the #hashtags.
  • Newsletter Value – If you also provide a newsletter to your blog subscribers, keep in mind that many may have signed up for it because they want to know what’s going on in their local communities. They do not just want to see the buying and selling aspect of things. Give them a clear view of just how valuable you are as a local real estate professional with educational, informative content as well.

This doesn’t mean you will get people wanting to buy and sell, right off the bat. These days, consumers take their time researching and choosing real estate professionals. If you nurture your blog audience properly, they will start to look at you as their go-to, local real estate resource. This will help increase your business in your local community.

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Have you ever heard of Community Content? Think it’s a good idea for marketing real estate and real estate professionals?

Share your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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