Facebook for Business: 3 Ways to Improve Your Organic Reach Using Facebook Business Pages

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Yesterday, we discussed the basics of ‘what is organic reach?’, how the Facebook (FB) algorithm changes have made it harder for businesses to increase organic reach and why Facebook made these changes. Today, we discover three ways to actually improve your organic reach through your Facebook Business Pages, without spending a bunch of dough on paid FB ads. To ready yesterday’s post, click the link below.

Click here to read: Facebook for Business: How to Improve Organic Reach with Ever Changing FB Algorithms

Reaching your audience using organic SMM methods is not this simple anymore.

Reaching your audience using organic SMM methods is not this simple anymore.
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Featured Image: “What happened to my Facebook reach?”, you ask? Well, we’re here to help you get it back. Image courtesy of Theeradech Sanin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

3 Tips to Improve Your Organic Reach Using Facebook for Business

Changes to FB algorithms have made it a bit harder to improve your organic reach using Facebook Business Pages.But, it can be done. These three tips will help you do it effectively:

1. Improve Your Organic Reach: Publish Useful Content on Your Facebook Business Page

Useful information to one audience, may just be noise to another. So, get to know your target audience. Pay attention to what interests them, and figure out how to align that with what you’re attempting to promote using Facebook for Business. Be sure to include attractive text copy and visuals to entice readership.

2. Improve Your Organic Reach: Post to Your FB Business Page According to a Pre-Set Schedule

This helps create consistency on your Facebook Page, which your FB fans and followers will come to count on over time. Sticking to a schedule encourages readership, since readers know exactly time to expect new content from your brand. Many savvy bloggers use scheduling apps like Hootsuite to get the job done. The social media mogul has also included a little drop-down menu option that allows Facebook Fan Page admins to schedule posts ahead of time.

3. Improve Your Organic Reach: Re-Share Engaging Content on Your Facebook Business Page

Many small business owners fear re-sharing content on FB for fear of annoying fans and followers. But, this is a very big mistake, especially for those posts that turned out to be very engaging. And, when your posts are for hot promotions, this mistake could actually cost your sells. So, make sure to repost all awesome content on your Facebook Fan Page, and share that content personally on your own timeline.

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