Facebook for Business: How to Improve Organic Reach with Ever Changing FB Algorithms

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The constantly changing algorithms on Facebook (FB) keep small business owners struggling to keep up. Facebook for Business can be an effective social media marketing (SMM) tool. But, that’s only if you can figure out how to improve the organic reach of your FB posts. And, this isn’t always easy when it comes to Facebook Business Pages.

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What is Facebook for Business Organic Reach?

Facebook defines its organic reach as:

The amount of Facebook users you can reach on FB for free by simply posting to your Facebook Business Page.

When Facebook for Business was first introduced, it was a splendid online marketing tool. FB made revolutionary strides in digital marketing, especially since so many small business owners were fed up with MySpace. Facebook Business Pages offered an innovative way to build brands online.

Small business owners were able to use it to take their online marketing efforts to completely new levels. They were introduced to and affordable way to capture the attention of their audiences online, quickly and simply. Yet, over the last couple of years, things have changed for the worse for entrepreneurs hoping to improve their organic reach.

How to Reach Your FB Audience without Paying for Facebook Ads

In other words, unless you’re paying for ads on Facebook, your followers may never read your company’s social media posts. This was the intentions of the social media mogul when its executives decided to change the algorithms of Facebook for Business. They fully intended for companies to have to purchase paid advertising in order for Facebook Business Pages to capture the attention of target audiences.

The ultimate goal of Facebook these days has been to improve its News Feed for users. That means getting rid of news feed spam, and replacing it with high quality content. Today, it’s estimated that FB users see between 1,500 – 15,000 posts with each Facebook logon in their news feeds. What an astronomical amount of content for users to absorb.

So, what’s the answer? How do you improve your Facebook for Business organic reach, without spending your entire marketing budget on buying ads on FB? Click the link below to find out more now.

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Has organic marketing helped you gain new Likes on your Facebook Business Page?

Share your Facebook for Business SMM experiences in the comments below.

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