Fortune Releases “Most Powerful Women in Business” in 2015 List

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Last week, Fortune published it 2015 list of Most Powerful Women in Business. This list includes 51 successful businesswomen in the entertainment, technology and business industries. Of the entire list, 27 of these women are CEOs of various big corporations.

Together, all 27 of these Fortune women make up $1 trillion in stock market value. Read more to find out what fabulous businesswomen made this list. There are 24 on the list that you probably already know.

Top Spots on the Forbes List of Most Powerful Women in Business

  • Mary Bara – The top spot on the Forbes 2015 Most Powerful Women in Business list goes to CEO of General Motors, Mary Bara.
  • Meg Whitman – Whitman came in 7th on the list, but ranked #1 for the Bay area as President, Chairman and CEO of Hewlett-Packard.
  • Taylor Swift – 25-year old newcomer Taylor Swift made the list for the first time, becoming the youngest person on the list
Fortune Most Powerful Women in Business 2015

Fortune Most Powerful Women in Business 2015
Image Source: Fortune

Who is CEO Mary Bara?

Fortune published the following about CEO Mary Bara:

“In her second year as head of the nation’s largest auto-maker, Barra—in the top spot this year—has led the $156-billion-in-sales company out from under the shadow of its 2014 ignition-switch recall. Barra spent $2.9 billion on recalls, which dropped 2014 profits 26%. Yet in recent months she has beaten back headwinds from weak international markets, as sales of expensive trucks and SUVs have soared. Barra was one of the few female CEO participants in the viral #ilooklikeanengineer Twitter campaign, which promoted women in tech.”

51 Most Powerful Women in Business

  1. Mary Barra
  2. Indra Nooyi
  3. Ginni Rometty
  4. Marillyn Hewson
  5. Ellen Kullman

For the entire list, visit

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