How to Grow Your Small Business Using Content Curation to Build Your Brand

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Your 3-Step ‘Me Me Me’ Recovery Process Starts Today

So how will you know if you’re a “Me-Me-Me” brand, and how to you prevent it from continuing? Simply follow three easy steps to recovery from the ‘Me Me Me’ Syndrome:

  1. The 'Me Me Me' Syndrome

    The ‘Me Me Me’ Syndrome
    Image Source: Illustration by Jim Hunt/skimhenson

    Me-Me-Me Diagnosis – Check your brand honestly through analysis and evaluation. Check the last 4 weeks of social shares, and see how many updates pointed to your site, and how many pointed to a third party’s site. If you link back to yourself more than half the time, it’s time to improve. After that, check your last 10 posts to see how many times you added links pointing to external web properties. If it’s less than one, it’s time to turn to content curation.

  1. Treatment for Me-Me-Me Syndrome – Take another look at your content marketing strategy. What topics do you want your brand to be known for? Consider important information for your audience, such as emerging industry trends, audience-specific market conditions, surveys and studies, new legislation within the industry, and competitors’ acquisitions. And be sure to share it! Integrate the curated content into your content calendar with the goal of reaching at least half of it being curated content.
  1. Evaluate the Syndrome – You’ll need to check KPIs before and after your “treat” your brand with content curation. See how many likes/followers/circles and visits you’re attracting as well as how many retweets, shares, comments, and inbound links you’re engaging. Make sure your curated content is highly relevant. When you have the right content curation, your brand will look like one that isn’t self-absorbed, but rather well-informed and active in the community.

Share your experience with content curation, as well as your own results from a self-evaluation of your brand, in the comments section below.

Author Bio: This content was written by Jenn Marie, a Freelance America writer with Content Marketing Geek. Jenn Marie’s content niches include health, technology, business and related topics. In her spare time, Jenn Marie enjoys spending time with her family, and listening to good music.

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