How to Make Your Site’s Most Profitable Content More Visible… and More Profitable

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The key to making the most profitable content on your site more profitable is to simply make it more visible. But, for many small business owners and women entrepreneurs, this is much easier said than done.

Not everyone has an eye for effective visibility when it comes to website and blog content. So, we’re here to give you some really great tips to put you on the right track.

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For the record, when we say, “make your most profitable content more visible”, we don’t mean you need to literally change your content. What we’re actually saying is that you need to give that content better display areas on your site.

So, how do you know which content is the most profitable content on your site? Well, Google Analytics reports and data… of course! Monitor and track your content’s performance. Once you determine exactly which content is actually helping you make money online, or is driving the highest amount of conversions, evaluate that contents’ placement locales.

Make the Most of Your Most Profitable Content

Make the Most of Your Profitable Content
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3 Tips to Making Your Most Profitable Content Even More Profitable

There are various ways to move your most profitable content to better locations on your site. Here are three:

  1. Add a Headline, Button or Tab for That Content – We believe that BuzzFeed hit this one on the nose with their prominently placed circular badge entitled “Best of 2014.” This ploy placed all of their most popular content up under one, single tab. This drives many more clicks, making their most profitable content, even more profitable.
  2. Link to Most Profitable Content from the Home Page – A perfect example of this would be Entrepreneur magazine. Right at the top of its home page, you’ll find links to Top 50 Posts. To the right are posts from its top contributors, as well as links to what’s trending right now on the site. Of course, you probably have nowhere near as much content as Entrepreneur. But, you can link to the same infographic, video, article or blog post for days, weeks, even months if continues to stay your most profitable content that long.
  3. Use Your Most Profitable Webpages – In many cases, a site’s blog may not be the most popular section of the website. Use Google Analytics to help you find out where your traffic is spending most of its time. Then, place your most profitable content there, and simply link to it from your blog. Or, you can publish it on your blog, and paste a highly-visible headline on the more profitable page, linking to the content.

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