How to Use Video Marketing to Give Your Service Personality

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Why does your small business need video marketing?

Learn how you can use video marketing to give your small business services personality online.

Learn how you can use video marketing to give your small business services personality online. Image Source: The EntreMarketing Group/YouTube

Many small businesses look at video as an expensive trend developed for big companies with big marketing budgets. But, this is not always the case. You can create a video marketing campaign that’s both effective and inexpensive to promote your services.

These days, it doesn’t take a big production team to create a promotional video for your services. All small businesses need is a smartphone to create a one-minute video to market your services online. All you have to do is give your services personality. Here’s how.

How to Give Your Services Personality in Your Video Marketing Campaign

Human eyes are automatically drawn to interesting personalities and characters on-screen. But, you don’t necessarily need a company representative to showcase the personality of your brand on video. All you need is an interesting “talking head” of some sort to keep people watching and listening in order to receive your message.

However, if your talking head is too engaging, it just may distract viewers from acting on any calls-to-action off-camera on your site. That’s when it’s best to use your video marketing campaign to give your services themselves personality, as opposed to relying on the personality of the talking head.

Video: The EntreMarketing Group Gives Its Marketing Services Personality

So, how do you achieve this in your promotional video for your services?

In the video above, The EntreMarketing Group showcases their small business marketing services using cool graphics, vibrant colors and a hip vibe. Quick shots of interesting images come together to create an eye-catching promotional video.

Instead of a talking head, the message is told using attention-grabbing music, making this a very successful video marketing tool. All of this works in unison to give their small business marketing services personality.

Get Video Content for Your Website, Blog and Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Successful author, entrepreneur and blogger, Seth Godin, tells us:

“Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.”

So, take heed to expert advice. Use video marketing to capture the attention of your target audience. Give your services personality in order to create excitement about your solutions online.

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