Hubspot Reports: What Types of Content Gets Shared Most on Social Media Networks?

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Strong creativity leads to strong content. Hubspot’s research helps demonstrate that the execution of that content is absolutely vital in giving it real staying power in social media. There are a lot of different ways to convey information on the Internet. And, if you’re a savvy businesswoman marketing your own company, you’re probably curious about how they all perform from a statistical standpoint. That means knowing just how the various types of content actually perform on social media sites.

How Different Types of Content Perform on Social Media

Hubspot divided different types of content into five categories:

  1. What Types of Content Gets Shared Most on Social Media Networks?

    What Types of Content Gets Shared Most on Social Media Networks?

    Videos – Videos are one of the richest forms of content, providing your viewers with both visual and audio coverage of the content discussed.

  2. Why-posts – Why-posts offer purpose and rationale to help guide readers to a clear conclusion.
  3. What-posts – What-posts zoom in on a specific topic, sometimes combining different articles that compare similar things.
  4. Lists – Lists make a concise number of points about a topic, running through them in order.
  5. How-tos – How-tos take a common problem and then offer a step-by-step process to reach a solution.

Hubspot Reports: Which Types of Content Performs Better on Social Networks?

During a 6-month analysis, Hubspot found that some types of content did, in fact, have better performance in social media:

  • Why-posts and lists perform the best: in their sample set, they averaged more than 20,000 shares every month and variance below 2.5%. Presumably, this would come as no surprise to regular internet users.
  • Lists performed extremely well. It’s hard to get through a single day without running across the top 10 lists saturating social media networks.
  • What-posts were the least reliable of the types of content. They had a variance of 13.45% on social networks.

Other Stats on How Various Types of Content Perform on Social Sites

  • Lists performed most reliably, with a link-share of 22%
  • Why-posts came in a narrow second at 22%
  • Videos performed at 18% and showed strong staying power.
  • How-to articles came in at 18%
  • What-posts came in at the bottom with 17% of the total shares.

Author Bio: This content was written by Jenn Marie, a freelance writer with Ghetto Search Dot Com, an online B2B company directory. Jenn Marie’s content niches include health, technology, business and related topics. In her spare time, Jenn Marie enjoys spending time with her family, and listening to good music.

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