Local Marketing for Restaurants: 3 Tips to Get You to the Top of Search Results

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With the Internet technology offered today, restaurants have multiple resources for promoting businesses online. Local marketing for restaurants not only increases online traffic, it improves foot traffic to your brick and mortar location.

3 Tips for Improving Sales with Local Marketing for Restaurants

Check out these three simple tips to help you get more customers into your restaurant:

1. Locally Optimize Your Restaurant’s Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is still key to getting visitors to your website. SEO is an online marketing strategy which incorporates the keywords your potential customers are using online into your site’s content. That’s the “white hat” way of appearing in search engine results.

As a restaurant, you want to include SEO keywords that are relevant to the people looking for what you have to offer. Some of the types of keywords you should be using with your local marketing for restaurants campaign should include:

  • City location
  • Location zip code
  • Local community name
  • Nearby businesses
  • Type of cuisine

2. Showcase Your Restaurant’s Food Online

Tom's Restaurant became famous thanks to Seinfeld plugs. Yours needs local marketing for restaurants to reach the top.

Tom’s Restaurant became famous thanks to Seinfeld plugs. Yours needs local marketing for restaurants to reach the top. Image Source: Wikipedia

Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your most popular dishes. This will add some amazing touches to your restaurant’s menu that descriptions simply cannot do. According to Oxford Professor of Experimental Psychology, Charles Spence:

“People’s perception is typically dominated by what their eyes see.”

You also want to add these amazing food images to your restaurant’s website. Having them on your online ordering menu will greatly increase sales. And, don’t forget to repurpose your pictures on your social media pages as well. This will help improve your local marketing for restaurants results.

3. Offer Online Ordering from Your Restaurant’s Website and/or an App

In order to allow your customers to order food from your site, it must be a responsive website. That means it’s mobile-friendly. If it’s not, for one thing, Google will no longer send mobile traffic to it as of the latest Penguin update. Also, this will make ordering harder on customers as the site simply won’t function properly on mobile devices.

You can also use a 3rd-party app to allow online ordering from your restaurant. Some of the most popular ones include eat24hours.com, grubhub.com, seamless.com, etc… These sites provide the apps for your customers to order food from you for both delivery and pickup. All you have to do is provide the great customer service and tasty, quality food.

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