“Our mission is to help women increase revenue and leverage their brands to rise above competitors.”

The EntreMarketing group is an innovative web marketing and digital PR firm that specializes in results. We work with entrepreneurs that range from doctors to boutique owners. Our Firm is a Virtual Company that Specializes in all aspects of marketing from Building responsive websites to Search engine optimization.

  • Kereen Henry
    Kereen Henry President & Marketing Director

    Kereen Henry is the President and Marketing Director of The EntreMarketing Group.  She works directly with the Marketing team to develop successful brand strategies that increase sales and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.


  • Kiesha Joseph
    Kiesha Joseph Content Writer

    Kiesha Joseph is the owner of Ghetto Search Dot Com, an online B2B company directory. She enjoys writing everything from ebooks to website content, from blog posts to news articles. As an author and writer, Kiesha uses the power of words to increase traffic and influence blog audiences. She’s a busy female entrepreneur who currently performs white-hat SEO and content writing services for The EntreMarketing Group.

“Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it living someone elses life!”

Steve Jobs

Build a Profitable Business

Building a business is very hard work, but do you know what’s harder? Surviving on a limited income for the rest of your life!


We can proudly say that we are great at everything! We make it a point to study developing market trends on a consistent basis to ensure that we are providing our clients the latest marketing strategies.

Content Marketing
SSM (Social Media Marketing)
Responsive Web Design
PPC Management
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


We are passionate about building businesses and we would love to help you.

Partners we work with

The EntreMarketing Group considers every client a partner. Our partners are nonprofits, online boutiques and corporate companies accross the country. We believe that by providing everyone exceptional service, effective strategies and expert solutions, we can help them make a lasting impression.

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