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Latest Featured Case Studies

1. CAC Financial

The Challenge

CAC Financial did not have a website and needed a responsive website where clients could download large excel debt files. The idea was to have potential clients register then wait for approval by admin. After admin approved user they would be sent an approval email, where they can log in and see files. User then looks through file descriptions to see if they can find one they like. If user sees a specific file that he/she is interested in, he/she can download to his computer to see entire debt file.

The Solution

    • Created a responsive website, with intricate backend application for admin
    • implemented area to add excel files with description and title
    • Researched industry and created 3 initial SEO Optimized blog articles to aid in having Google recognize website
    • Write all content
    • SEO

The Result

Today CAC Financial pages are all being recognized by Google, Clients averages over 100 website hits a day (GREAT for a newcomer) … let’s check back later to see how it goes!!

  • Your Home Page: of the Website of Sharen King. Web Design by The EntreMarketing Group.

1- Sharen King

Sharen King came to us for a responsive website to use for her marketing/branding services. We were able to produce the website to her satisfaction. The website fully displays all the information needed for her desired market. She was excited that we were able to exceed her expectations and create the website exactly how she wanted, with all her little lady bugs :).

2. Kybele Virgin Hair


The Challenge

Kybele Virgin Hair had a website that lacked functionality. This made it difficult for the average user to navigate and complete transactions, costing the company a tremendous amount of money and time. They also needed to increase visibility to website

The Solution

    • Created an entire new website that is completely responsive and easier to navigate.
    • Developed a complete marketing plan with Facebook and Pinterest to generate traffic to the new and improved website.
    • PPC management
    • Content Marketing
    • SEO

The Result

Today we have lowered the website’s bounce rate by 35%, with a 20% increase in sales. We are currently in phase 2 of the marketing plan to create additional streams of traffic and impove ROI.

1- National Asset Recovery Systems

NARS came to us for a responsive website that could increase customer interaction. We were able to produce the website in under a week to their satisfaction. The website fully displays all the information needed for their desired market. They were excited that we were able to exceed their expectations ahead of schedule.

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