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Website Creation

Responsive Website Creation
Can your website only be viewed on desktop computers? What about the potential customers using other devices? Your website should be viewable anywhere, from any device. What if an interested consumer found your website on his home computer but is bringing his tablet to the gym? Making your website mobile-ready will let your customers do business with you anywhere they are. But quality shouldn’t be sacrificed for convenience; your mobile site should have the complete content of your regular website. We can make that happen so your business can continue to grow, and we’ll also be happy to discuss ways to improve your existing website. We’re professionals in this field, and we can find the best solutions for you. Don’t wait – choose us for your website needs today!

Content Marketing

Content Marketing
The best way to speak to your targeted audience is through content that’s relevant to them. Think of topics your audience can relate to and give advice and information on them, and you’re a step closer to being widely popular. It also helps if you know something about SEO; just like your website, your articles should contain keywords related to your business.
Public relations agencies are now using popular websites like YouTube and Facebook for both content marketing and PR, but hiring one of them can be pretty expensive. Instead of emptying your bank account, just hire The EntreMarketing Group for your needs. We are definitely affordable, and we do everything professionally.


If your marketing strategy isn’t working, or you don’t know where to take it next, you need marketing consulting. You need smart new strategies to stand out from the crowd and continue your business growth. We’re the EntreMarketing Group, and we can work together with you to find those strategies. We’re trained for it, we’re good at it, and we’ll always be by your side to help you and your business succeed. Your satisfaction and your business success are our goals.

Competitor Analysis

Why Is It Important To Analyze Your Competitors?
Congratulations, you have just started your own business! But you’re probably not the only one in your niche; there are almost certainly other companies offering the same products or services. Knowing your competitors – their strengths, weaknesses, and especially their strategies – can be a big advantage for your business. They may look perfect, but every business has its weaknesses, and knowing these will help you make your own business better than the rest. You’re probably also curious about what strategies your competitors are using, how they arrived at them, and whether they’re succeeding. You don’t want to follow in the footsteps of a failure, and knowing where your competitors went wrong (for example, with an unsuccessful product launch) makes it a lot easier to avoid that. On the other hand, you can learn from what your competitors have done well to develop your own marketing strategy. In fact, whatever you learn about them, no matter how small, is likely to help your business in some way. Go ahead, take a look at their advertisements and press releases – you’re bound to find something useful that you can take advantage of!
Of course, there’s more to an in-depth analysis than that, and if you’re too busy to do it yourself, that’s when we come in! We’re The EntreMarketing Group, and we’ll be more than happy to help. Each member of our group is a trained professional qualified to analyze your competition and explain the findings to you to help you find ways to improve your business. We guarantee full service and maximum exposure. We’ll make your business shine and attract customers while you sit back and relax. Your business will become more successful in next to no time!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Why is SEO important for your business?
You’ve started your business and you even have a website already, but when you Google it, no results come up. That’s a problem! What’s happening? Most probably you’re not in the search results because you lack SEO in your website. SEO is the main key to getting your business known and getting your website to show up as a result when potential customers search for one of the keywords related to your business. The proper keywords must be included on your website to fully optimize it and ensure that it appears in the search results. Once that’s done, you’ll be surprised to see how quickly you climb towards the top of the list!
If that sounds too difficult or you just don’t have the time – no problem, our company can help get your business out there faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (OK, it’s a long word. But still.) Seriously, we can get you many more site visits, followers, and potential customers. That’s what you need when you own a business, and that’s what we can take care of for you. We offer full service, and we’re here to help with anything you need. Why choose us? Because we don’t just do SEO – we create extensive marketing strategies to ensure your business is not only popular but also stable. Our highly-trained professional marketing team can handle any situation you’re likely to encounter, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Remember . . . if people are searching for your website but not finding it, you’re losing customers! You don’t want that to happen, and neither do we. We can help you avoid such losses and GAIN customers instead!

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Can Social Media Marketing Help My Business?
Social media marketing uses business accounts on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, Instagram, and Flickr to promote your business. Customers will have the chance to like, add, or comment about you, and you can use your accounts to let them know about newly-launched products or services. One fantastic advantage is that these sites allow users to share or retweet your posts, which is a great way to grab new customers’ attention. Who knows, maybe your post will even go viral!
Before setting up an account, make sure you know your audience – who is your ideal customer? Different sites have different user demographics; Tumblr has bloggers of all ages, while LinkedIn consists of college graduates. You also need to know what topics will work well for your posts. You need to be creative and grab the reader’s attention. Businesses that actually engage with their customers get the most likes. Try posting fun facts, trivia, quotes, and anything else that you think will interest your audience. Regularly sharing your company’s news is another way to keep the interest of your readers and build relationships. And remember that in business everything’s a competition: focus on original topics that other companies haven’t discussed yet, and you’ll be winning it.
If you need someone to handle your social networking accounts or help you plan a strategy for using them to promote your products or services, we are the right marketing company for you. We can manage all of your business accounts professionally and creatively. Look no further – EntreMarketing Group is here!

PR Campaigning

Public Relations Campaign
Public relations means extending information to the public in order to gain exposure, and the best way to do this is by creating an interesting topic that may grab the public’s attention. Finding a topic may not require a direct payment; a PR campaign is just a way to interact with the public and get their point of view about your company and products. You’ll need to think about your marketing strategies before taking action. What is your ideal audience? Different age groups have different interests. Does your product interest only young adults? Older adults? Communication is easy when you know who you’re targeting!

Reputation Management

Reputation Management For Your Business
Reputation management can cover your business, your brands, and maybe even yourself as an individual. New businesses need to build a reputation to collect customers as they grow. Established companies need to maintain the goodwill they’ve accumulated. And companies with terrible reputations, or who’ve had their reputation damaged by a crisis or scandal, need to change the negatives into positives as quickly as possible.
The EntreMarketing Group understands the importance of a good reputation in the business world. More than that, we understand how to create one. Trust us with your precious business, brand, or individual reputation, and we won’t stop until it’s as polished as can be!

EntreMarketing Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services

Website maintenance isn’t always necessary. But, there are times when it’s an absolute must in order to increase your site’s performance. Here are some major benefits of outsourcing your website maintenance to The Entre Marketing Group:

•Increased Speeds and Page Load Times
•Improves Your Brand’s Image
•Eliminate Experience-Related Downtime
•Allows Content to Come Across as Fresh and Clean
•Increased Security with Software Updates
•Frees Up Your Time to Run Your Business Properly
•Communicate Better with Search Engines by Removing Unnecessary Coding

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