Restaurant Marketing Tips: How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business

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When it comes to restaurant customer service, giving customers that personal touch is key to success. They want the hosting and waiting staff to engage with them, making them feel special throughout their dining experiences. Well, when it comes to social media restaurant marketing, the same strategy rings true.

3 Tips for Effective Social Media Restaurant Marketing

When using social media restaurant marketing, you MUST engage your audience like you do your dining customers.

When using social media restaurant marketing, you MUST engage your audience like you do your dining customers.
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Many restaurant owners make the big blunder of putting too much focus on how much content they publish on social media. This causes them to miss out on major chances to engage with those they’re actually trying to reach online. Follow these three restaurant marketing tips to ensure that your social media marketing strategy is effective:

1. Restaurant Marketing Tips: Quality Trumps Quantity

It’s much better to post ONE relevant, useful post, than multiple pieces of “stuff” your audience doesn’t even care about every day. Skip a day if you have to if that’s what it takes to make sure everything you post brings value to your customers’ lives.

2. Restaurant Marketing Tips: Acknowledge Your Fans

Respond to your audience engagement. If someone leaves a comment on your page or a post, “Like” it, “Favorite” it, “Retweet” it and or respond to it. But, never, ever ignore or disregard it. Just think about how mad the customers who eat at your restaurant would be if they were ignored. Ignoring them online is just as disrespectful.

3. Restaurant Marketing Tips: Sponsored Posts aren’t All Bad

Social media marketing is a free tool to help you reach your customers and potential customers online. Paid advertising on social media can help to boost your online exposure. Just make sure your sponsored posts are targeted towards the right audience, and are SEO-friendly.

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