Selena Soo Builds Start-Up into $300,000 a Year Business

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Back in 2012, Selena Soo worked for a NYC non-profit, earning $42,000 per year. She’d been in business school for the last two years, hoping her education would land her a better paying job with a less demanding schedule.

Selena Soo took a job in the public relations industry. But, it didn’t allow her opportunities to connect with people without a scheme plan, which she craved, noting:

“It’s creating to me, it’s effortless. If I see someone and there’s an opportunity I know would be perfect for them, whether it’s a job or a media opportunity or someone who they should know, it’s very easy for me to just make that introduction.”

Selena Soo’s Journey from Employee to Small Business Owner

Business woman Selena Soo believes that hard work is the key to building a successful company.

Business woman Selena Soo believes that hard work is the key to building a successful company.
Image Source: S2 Groupe

During her search for the perfect career, she dished out $20,000 to learn how to grow email lists, create information products and other professional skills. Something in her told her, she could provide such valuable services as well.

So, in October 2012, Selena Soo decided to take a stab at being a publicity and business coach. But, the “pay by the hour” model just didn’t bring in the income stream she was hoping to generate.

So, the new business woman started offering actual packages to clients. For example:

  • 2-month coaching program, including a 2-day workshop and phone calls, for $1,200

  • 6-month private coaching program for $800 a month

By November 2013, Selena Soo’s start-up venture had grown into a $10,000 company. She went on to offer both in-person and remote business coaching services, providing tangible products as well as online courses.

Come year-end 2013, S2 Groupe’s revenue was $157,000. The company earned more than $300,000 in 2014.

Selena Soo Credits Networking Connections with S2 Groupe’s Success

When asked how her start-up grew to be such a successful venture, business woman Selena Soo gives credit to one thing in particular: her networking connections. She made it a point to connect with online thought leaders within her industry, such as:

  • Adam Grant
  • Danielle LaPorte
  • Derek Halpern
  • Marie Forleo
  • Ramit Sethi

She created a buzz for her brand by reaching out to valuable industry leaders. Soo also built a trustworthy base by offering assistance with everything from analyzing their plans to promoting their products.

“I think that rather than waiting for opportunities, we can actually create our own opportunities by being proactive, by identifying who are the people that we really care about and admire.

It’s not just about the people who can always do the most for you. Who do you feel just drawn to, passionate about, maybe you see a piece of yourself in them and they inspire you? The opportunity to help them is the reward. You don’t need anything in return, but to be a part of their world and support them. When you’re clear about who those people are, then give generously to them.”

Small Business Marketing Starts with Responsive Web Design

Business woman Selena Soo created an online buzz for her brand by engaging with industry leaders on social media. She also marketed her brand with a responsive website, email lists, newsletters and blogging with her audience.

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