Small Business Trends: New Facebook Customer Engagement Tools Rollout

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Facebook is still the largest social media platform on the planet. So, when it rolls out new business tools, small business owners need to take heed. Last week, the leader of the social media world introduced a few new tools to help businesses communicate with customers online. Today, we help you discover two of these Facebook customer engagement tools, which could greatly impact the way your brand uses the social network.

2 New Facebook Customer Engagement Tools for Businesses

Check out these two social media business tools developed to help improve customer engagement on Facebook:

1. Facebook Place Tips for Customer Engagement

Place Tips was introduced to the Facebook world back in January. The social media giant has been testing the new customer engagement tool since then. It’s now being expanded so that more local businesses can use it.

With Facebook Place Tips, mobile users will have FB photos and posts “pushed” at them while they shop in local stores. So, your customers can receive push information about your local business, including sales info and coupons, while they browse your local store location.

Facebook Place Tips is a New Facebook Customer Engagement Tool Rolling Out

Facebook Place Tips is a New Facebook Customer Engagement Tool Rolling Out
Image Source: SamirHalpati/Google Plus

2. Saved Replies for Engaging with Customers on Facebook

Been lucky enough to attract an engaging Facebook business audience? Then, there are probably customer comments waiting for you on a regular basis. Social media customer service etiquette dictates that you reply to these comments. But, sometimes, you simply can’t reply to all of them immediately. So, what should you do?

Well, soon you’ll have access to the “saved replies” Facebook engagement tool. With Facebook Saved Replies, business page admins will be able to create basic replies to comments, and save them. Then, you’d be able to login later, and quickly edit and post the reply directly on your Facebook Business Page. As Small Biz Trends puts it:

“You can then go into Facebook when you have the time to craft a more complete reply to an inquiry.”

Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

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