Social Media Marketing VS Community Management; What’s the Difference?

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Just a few years ago, small business owners and businesswomen were questioning the effectiveness of using social media networks as marketing platforms. Many didn’t believe it was a viable strategy to use social networks for brand-consumer engagements. Today, in 2015, almost every savvy businesswoman and small business owner has some sort of presence on social media. But, do all of these people actively engage with their social media audiences on a regular basis? Good question.

Are Community Management and Social Media Marketing One-in-the-Same?

Oftentimes, you’ll hear business owners use the term “community management” in place of the term “social media marketing.” But, the two are very distinct practices that are simply not one-in-the-same. Yes, there are some similarities. But, the differences can actually help your brand become more effective in the social media scene.

Community Management is a bit different from Social Media Marketing.

Community Management is a bit different from Social Media Marketing.
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What is social media marketing?

Plain and simple, it’s the practice of promoting your business through social media. In other words, if you have a Facebook page for your company, product or brand, that would be considered social media marketing.

What is Community Management?

Community management refers to any and every attempt to engage with, nurture and cultivate your social media audience. In other words, if your brand’s Facebook posts are being published with the specific intent to build an audience, then that’s considered community management.

3 Phases of Community Management

Social media marketing is all about advertising and selling to your audience. Whereas, your community management efforts may or may not have anything whatsoever to do with marketing. It’s a process that involves creating an online community, or altering one that already exists in order to make it stronger.

This is generally done in three phases:

  1. Attracting new community members
  2. Reaching out to get inactive and older community members interacting again
  3. Creating opportunities for community members to interact with each other

So, which is best? There’s no right or wrong answer to that question. The bottom line is… as a businesswoman, you need to do what’s best for your brand.

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