Startup Tips: How to Come Up with Cool Ideas for a Business

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Determined to start your own business someday, but stumped for good ideas? Well, you’ll definitely have to overcome that obstacle in order to get moving. We’re here to help you find effective ways to come up with cool ideas for a business. Check it out.

2 Tips to Help You Create Cool Ideas for a Business

1. Let Your Facebook Friends Help

I once saw a post similar to this on Facebook: “If you could get advice from me on just one topic, what would it be?”

Ask a similar question on your own Facebook wall. Tally up the topic suggestions from your FB friends. The one that stands out the most is a great place to start. Obviously, you already have an audience that sees you as an expert on that specific subject. And, more than likely, you already have the passion and drive to make it succeed as a business idea.

The EntreMarketing Group shares two tips for coming up with cool ideas for a business.

The EntreMarketing Group shares two tips for coming up with cool ideas for a business.

2. Place Facebook Ads

Have two ideas for a business? Well, it’s always wiser to start with just one if you really want to be a successful business owner. So, how do you narrow your cool ideas down to just one?

  • Create two different landing pages, one for each idea. If you don’t already have a website or blog, go ahead and create a free one through com.
  • Include a very simple email capture form on each of the landing pages.
  • Take out two different Facebook ads to promote each of your business ideas.

The ad that gets the most email subscribers is the one that likely bring you the most small business success. Plus, now you already have your first set of subscribers and users who can be nurtured into become customers and clients.

Promote Your New Business Online

Once you’ve decided on the right choice on your list of ideas for a business, it’s time to start promoting it. You’ll need a social media presence and a customized responsive website.

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It doesn’t take much at all to convert your free website over to a responsive site using your own URL. The EntreMarketing Group will help you get your website converted over and run your Facebook ads campaigns if you need help. Contact The EntreMarketing Group for assistance today.

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