Tips for Writing an Effective Call to Action for Your Blog Post

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Writing an effective call to action for your blog post increases your chances of gaining leads, converting leads, improving the user experience and, or course, making money from your products or services. Calls to action help improve the efficiency of your site. This is done by giving your visitors a clear paths to take in order to accomplish specific objectives.

Purpose of a Call to Action?

Check out the call to action (CTA) in the Dropbox landing page below. You’ll notice a prominently placed CTA button that tells the customer exactly what Dropbox wants users to do next. In this case, Dropbox wants:

  • New users to “Sign Up” for the service
  • Current users to “Sign In”
  • Or, “Download” the software/app
  • Interested users to “Learn More”
Check out the call to action (CTA) in this Dropbox landing page.

Check out the call to action (CTA) in this Dropbox landing page.
Image Source: Dropbox

Why Your Blog Post Needs a Call to Action

When you publish a blog post, you don’t just want visitors to read it and simply move on to something else. You want them to actually “TAKE ACTION”, preferably one that will help to build and benefit your brand. So, if you’ve caught the readers attention enough to get her/him to read your entire blog post, you’re already on the right track. Now, use that attention to call them to take action!

Here are some of the actions you may want to ask your blog visitors to take before leaving your post:

  • Post a Comment
  • Follow/Like You on Social Media
  • Register for Newsletter
  • Download Something
  • Buy Something from an Affiliate
  • Buy Something from You

When it comes to writing an effective call to action for your blog post, keep in mind that your visitors’ attention is extremely valuable. So, if you’re able to capture it, don’t waste valuable opportunities to engage with them online.

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