To Build Your Business Brand You Must Build Your Personal Brand Online Too

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Every savvy entrepreneur and small business owner understands the important of building the business brand online. But, to be truly successful in the business world, your own personal brand must have value as well. You need to also build your personal brand online in order to become an authoritative figure within your industry.

How to Build Your Personal Brand Online

How many minutes per day do you spend scrolling your Facebook timeline? What about your Twitter and Instagram feeds? Well, you could be utilizing all that time to effectively promote and build your personal brand online.

Build your personal brand online to bring credibility to your business brand.

Build your personal brand online to bring credibility to your business brand.
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These days, social media rules the online world. All successful women in business have essentially become brands. Therefore, as a businesswoman or female entrepreneur, everything you do and say on social media tells your audience what your brand (you) is all about.

It’s up to you and how you interact with your social media audience to determine the value you bring to the table. Want to establish your brand (you) as a thought-provoking leader? Interested in establishing yourself as a valuable resource for an important cause?

Then, remember this:

Your posts, comments, shares and likes bring value (or de-value) to both your personal and business brands.

4 Tips to Build Your Personal Brand Online and Bring Credibility to Your Business Brand

Here are four things you can do in order to build your personal brand online and ensure that your business brand gains credibility in return:

  1. Share your favorite blog posts on Facebook, and discuss them openly on your profile, as well as in relevant FB groups.
  2. Tweet links to valuable industry content, being sure to include your insights and applicable hashtags so they can be found in Twitter
  3. Share posts you like on Google+ being sure to add a unique description or comment to the post, as well as appropriate hashtags.
  4. Endorse and recommend others you’ve work with and for in LinkedIn, which will lead to others doing the same for you.

The most important thing to remember is that your personal brand is a direct reflection of what your business brand is all about… generally speaking. So, be sure to represent both with respect and honor as you build your personal brand online.

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What social media methods do you use to build your business and personal brands online?

Please share your tips with our audience in the comments below.

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