Use Content Marketing to Speak to Your Prospects in Their Own Language

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How often do you find yourself reading stuff online that doesn’t really relate to issues you’re currently facing in your life? If so, it’s probably not that often. Well, the same rings true for consumers, who are generally online seeking solutions to current problems. That’s why you need to speak to your prospects in a language they can understand… they’re own.

How to Speak to Your Prospects So They’ll Actually Hear You

For example, let’s say you own a marketing firm with a target market of US small businesses. If your content uses professional marketing terms like “quantitative analysis”, you may be turning potential customers away. Terms like these simply do not resonate with small business owners, unless their industry niche is marketing.

Instead, you want to use words that actually hit your prospects’ pain points when you speak to your prospects. This helps to invoke much more peaceful feelings, creating a relationship of trust with your target market. The end result is increased engagement throughout the entire buying cycle. Therefore, a phrases like “return on investment” would work better to capture the attention of your audience.

How to Speak to Your Prospects: Learn to Speak Your Audience's Language

Learn to Speak Your Audience’s Language
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In other words, communicate with your audience using your problem-solving voice. That way, your prospects can clearly see the true value your solution will bring to their lives.

Your Content Must be a Valuable Lifeline

Speak to your prospects using content that actually stands out among all the other noise and average content. This improves your marketing approach, encouraging prospects to share your content with others. You’ll not only increase your online leads, you extend the reach of your brand’s voice online.

When you speak to your prospects using valuable content, you help your customers through:

  • Discovery
  • Nurturing
  • Engagement
  • Pleasure

Content is essential for discovering, engaging, nurturing and delighting customers.  The bottom line is that making your content relevant and unique increases your engagement impact and your marketing results.

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