V-Wise Encourages Women Veterans to Become Independent Business Owners

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Becoming a female entrepreneur requires creativity in order to get your new business venture off the ground. One group of women tend to have a hard time becoming independent business owners, and that’s retired female veterans. Why? Well, women who retire from active military duty have spent their careers working in very strict environments, under defined chains of command.

But, V-WISE (Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship), offers a program to help these women transition from a career in the military to being successful independent business owners. V-WISE not only helps retired women vets, but their spouses as well.

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What is V-WISE All About?

There are three main phases to the V-WISE program for women vets who want to become independent business owners:

Phase One: 

    Participants endure a 15-day online learning course. It teaches these women vets business language and helps them develop their business ideas for the market. V-WISE also helps them create an effective business plan and network with other independent business owners.

  1. Phase Two: The future independent business owners attend a 3-day conference, where they engage with experts. This networking forum helps the women vets in the V-WISE program learn subjects related to running a business successfully, such as social media, business finance and business marketing.
  2. Phase Three: This is what V-WISE calls the Implementation Stage. Participants put the finishing touches on their business plans to become independent business owners, and follow-up support is provided. These women vets get access to business mentors and resources for support and advice.

Challenges of Women Vets Hoping to Become Independent Business Owners

After retiring from military service, women vets face an influx of challenges. In many cases, one of those challenges is figuring out how to get back into the job market at their ages, most being over 40 at time of retirement. Some prefer to take their retirement money and savings accounts, and invest them into becoming independent business owners. V-WISE helps to make this dream come true.

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