What is a #Hashtag? And, How Can It Help #BusinessWomen Rule Their Markets?

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What are hashtags all about? Well, when it comes to marketing your brand as a female entrepreneur or small business owner, they’re simply clickable phrases that draw in the attention of your social media friends and followers. Because they have a knack for drawing in clicks, they serve as sort of a magnet for engaging with the social audiences of #BusinessWomen in 2015.

What is a hashtag?

What is a hashtag? Image Source: Nicole Reisberg/LinkedIn

How to Use Hashtags to Market as #BusinessWomen

Yet, there are right ways and wrong ways to use hashtags, if you want to include them in a effective marketing approach. For example, using too many hashtags in any one post, can actually turn your audience off, and turn them away.

Some suggest using no more than “two or so per post”, according to Entrepreneur’s The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags infographic. However, there are exceptions to this rule… one being Instagram, where it’s normal to include 11+ hashtags on any one visual post.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag is of categorizing posts on social media by way of a tagging system. It provides to main values:

  1. Hashtags can be viewed by everyone who has an interest in the subject of the hashtag. That includes both those inside and outside your social networks.
  2. A hashtag help to expand your brand’s reach to any and every person who’s interested in that particular hashtag keyword or hashtag phrase.

Check out the Entrepreneur’s The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags infographic below for more information on how to start your own #HashtagCampaign on various social media networks.

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