Where to Promote Content on Social Media Platforms

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In this week’s series, we’ve already discussed both when and how to promote content on social media. Today, we go over some tips on where to promote content on social media platforms. The goal is to help you share content the right way, in order to actually gain valuable clicks from your audience.

Simply copying and pasting your content links on every social media platform just won’t do it. So, it’s important to know where you’ll get the best audience engagement for your content.

Figuring Out Where to Promote Content on Social Media

Let’s say a VIP colleague asked you to meet her in Atlanta, GA for a networking event. Most people have a good idea of how to get to Atlanta. But, once they arrive, there will be massive amounts of locations for your potential networking location. So, you’ll need much more to go on in order to actually find the location where you’ll meet your colleague. If not, you’ll ever find each other.

Learn where to promote content on social media platforms for better exposure.

Learn where to promote content on social media platforms for better exposure.
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When deciding where to promote content on social media platforms, look at it the exact same way. These are the places where you need to share your content for better online exposure:

1. Share with Your Own Social Media Networks

Once you determine which social media networks are best for reaching your target market, you’re ready to start posting. Share your website, blog, news, sales and other content directly on your social platform. Make sure to make each post unique in order to effectively reach your intended audience on each platform.

2. Promote Content in Relevant Social Media Groups

Each individual social media platform has various groups and communities. Each one has its own specific niche. Find some that are relevant to your brand’s niche and participate in those discussions sometimes. Do NOT spam the groups with your sales messages. Instead, share valuable content relevant to the niche. Make sure anything you share in these social media groups will actually bring value to the groups and the lives of its members.

3. Leverage Your Social Media Profiles

Here are a few tips for leveraging your profiles to promote content on social media platforms:

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Now that you have this new information to promote content on social media, how will you use it to your advantage? Share your tips in the comments below. Click here to discuss a customized social media marketing approach for your business with The EntreMarketing Group today.

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