Why Does Your Small Business Need a Corporate Image in the First Place?

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So, now you have a good idea what a corporate image is… essentially. Now, it’s time to discover what creating the right corporate image can do for you and your brand. In other words, why exactly does your small business need a corporate image in order to succeed?

How the Human Brain Processes Corporate Images

Why Does Your Small Business Need a Corporate Image in the First Place?

Why Does Your Small Business Need a Corporate Image in the First Place?
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Your human brain has many defense mechanism that are in place to protect you from harm. One of its tricks is to take shortcuts and relax while processing info in order to keep itself readily available for emergencies. Therefore, when you create a a good corporate image, your target market will be automatically comfortable jumping into business with you without giving it much thought at all.

Prime Example: Think about your favorite soda. When you go into a store to buy a soda, you probably rarely waste much time deciding on what soda to buy before grabbing you favorite, as usual.

Reason? You have already established a relationship of trust with this brand. This allows you to buy the soda without even thinking about your buying decision first. In the end, this saves you both energy and time. By creating a corporate image you trust, the brand behind your favorite soda saves you time and energy during your shopping experience, positioning itself effectively in order to win your business.

Some Factors Currently Increasing the Importance of Corporate Image

Some of these factors include:

  • Competition – No matter the industry, most small businesses in the US have major competition, causing them to become more environmentally complex and open to change
  • Product Life Cycle – These have accelerated over the years, causing small businesses to have to move solutions much faster than in the past
  • Globalization – Small businesses are eager to find creative tools to get the word out about reputations to global markets
  • Social Responsibility – In many markets, consumers are choosing brands that show social responsibility, as well as environmental responsibility

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