3 Startup Businesses You Can Launch for Under $1,000

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Dreaming about starting your own business? Not sure you’ll have enough funds to make it a success once you launch it? Well, we know of three different startup businesses you can launch for under $1,000.

3 Business Ideas to Launch for Under $1,000

1. Buy Into a Franchise

You can easily start your own businesses by simply buying into a franchise. Many of them that fall into the “work from home” category, only require initial investments of just $1,000. That’s because there are very little overhead costs.

Housesitting is one of the business startups you can launch for under $1,000.

Housesitting is one of the business startups you can launch for under $1,000.
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Some low-cost franchise start-up ideas include:

  • House Sitting
  • Pet Care/Sitting
  • Clearing Mailboxes
  • Plant Care
  • Furnace Checks
  • Cleaning Services
    • For Homes
    • For Commercial Buildings
    • For Government Buildings
  • Computer Repairs
  • Data Recovery

2.Start a Consultant Business

Are you savvy in industries such as these?

  • Accounting
  • Art Collections
  • Taxes
  • History
  • Start-Up Businesses
  • Computers
    • Programming
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Troubleshooting
  • Writing
    • Books
    • Memos
    • Reports
    • Proposals
    • Newsletters
    • Articles

3. Money Manager

Do you have a knack for organizing financial paperwork or paying bills. Is dealing with insurance claims and medical bills right up your alley? Then, why not get certified by the The American Association of Daily Money Managers? This will help you start a money management business you can launch for under $1,000.

Some of the tasks you can perform with your own money management business include:

  • Keeping Records
  • Setting Up Budgets
  • Navigating Bills

Start Your Own Business Today for Under $1,000

The bottom line is, there are numerous businesses you can launch for under $1,000. From all of the ones named above, to whatever you’ve been dreaming of in your mind, you too can own your own business with reasonable startup funds.

What’s the key to finding the right startup for you? Simply research the industries and ideas that come to mind. You’d be surprised just how many you can launch for under $1,000 these days.

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