How to Grow Your Small Business Using Content Curation to Build Your Brand

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Sharing is a lesson taught to most kids so that they know the world doesn’t revolve around them. However, it’s not always the easiest lesson to learn. Some people just don’t get it until much later – but, whenever you do,  it really makes a difference in life and business. In business, this idea is relevant to a brands’ approach to content marketing. To put it simply: your published works can’t just be all about you!

Why You Should Drop the ‘Me Me Me’ Act?

Digital content is much more than just marketing messages, so brands need to look at more than just themselves. So how do you increase your scope of content to add to your original content? How do you become known as a brand, and not just a provider of a certain product? The answer is simple: content curation.

Featured Image: Content Curation is very effective way to build your brand online and grow your small business. Image Source: No Bull

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is a way of collecting and organizing important content – that is, content that is specifically important for your target audience. Combining original and curated content is a foolproof way to have your audience respond well. Here are some stats:

  • It’s even been proven in studies; in 2011, Jay Baer ran one study to see what audiences’ responses were two created content vs. curated content.
  • The results are crystal clear: Brands with curated content that links to third party sites increased by one-third, compared to those with original content that linked to their own site.

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